Temp Leave

Hey DCP,

Most AUSIA, UK and Late US people know about this, but I’ll put it in words. Exams are coming up and these are extremely important to me, and as I don’t want to hold up the 2ic rank with inactivity, I’ve decided to take a temporary leave.

More than a month ago, I announced my public retirement from WV so I could focus on my exams. I quickly realized that I couldn’t take a break from army life until circumstances forced me to do so – so when Mustapha offered me an opportunity to lead the AUSIA division of one of the greatest armies ever created, I was ecstatic. DCP has taught me so much – not just about army warfare, but about myself. Mustapha, Brad and Leon, you’ve shown me that if I try, I can do well, and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity.

I’ve always considered myself a noob owner with a good timezone. No one congratulates a US owner for maxing 15 on CP. But what we’ve done is establish one of the strongest, most consistent AUSIAs out there in the community – one that I’m sure will be breaking records in the near future.

ausia trainin1


Let us go out there and win this war against the Nachos. Let us show all the haters out there that nothing can wreck the ties of a family. Because we can.

Until June 20th,

CSY ~Former DCP 2ic

|| Family Forever ||

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