UK Training Session [Results] – 5/25/15

Today our United Kingdom forces had a scheduled training session on the server Mammoth.

We planned to start the event at the town, but then we realized that Rookie was going to be arriving there shortly and we didn’t want any distractions/lag, so we switched to the Snow Forts. More bots then I have ever seen arrived towards the end of the event, it was horrifying to see how many bots someone could control. However, we stayed on and pushed through until the end of the event. I’m very proud of everyone for logging on and continuing to strengthen our United Kingdom division. We maxed 22 and averaged 18, good event guys. Comment if you attended the event, and without further ado, lets get to the pictures! March on brothers and sisters.

uk memorial day event2uk memorial day event3uk memorial day event4uk memorial day event5uk memorial day event6uk memorial day event7uk memorial day event8uk memorial day event9

-Eridos [DCP General]


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