The Retirement of Dj Slides

My long journey is over.

I officially submitted my first join comment in CP Armies on August 25th, 2010, when I joined the Night Warriors (it seems the comment has been lost). In June of 2010 I was recruited by a meager two Night Warrior penguins who were manually entering recruiting phrases.

One of the first things I did as an NW soldier after attending one of my early battles, which was against the Watex Warriors, was leave a particularly rude comment on their site. My enthusiasm was admirable.

My loyalty to NW unquestionable, as was the loyalty of many others during the Vendetta-Tomb147 era. I gradually worked my way up the ranks through being an active and loyal soldier, something that is very rare these days.

By the time the NW-ACP war came, I was the exact kind of troop Vendetta wanted. My feelings on every army other than NW ranged from mild disdain to hatred, and I was a Night Warrior and nothing else. When NW lost the NW-ACP war and Vendetta vanished, I felt a pit in my stomach, as did many.

After the retirement of Vendetta, and the leadership of Cowboysfan13 and Shadowe2, I was given leader of NW. I was unready for the task, and although I did manage to keep NW in the lower half of the CPAC Top Ten, NW never soared to the heights as it did under Vendetta and Tomb. I don’t claim to have led it as well as these two did, but I was nevertheless successful in keeping the army I loved alive.

I decided to retire some time in mid-2012.

After I came back to CPA in early 2013, I joined DCP for at the request of Carter (Greenoiscool). Although we weren’t as good as this current generation, it was a fun time in DCP.

After once again retiring a few weeks after leading DCP for a short time, I had thought that this would be my permanent retirement.

Despite these thoughts, I came back to DCP in late 2014 at the request of Mustapha10, at DCP’s dire time of need.

Musta, Jester, and I rose DCP from the ashes to become the greatest CP Army today. Without the three of us, DCP would not only not be the number one army, it would not exist. I consider this to be one of my crowning achievements.

I’d also like this post to be the place for this official statement:

The Night Warriors, and anything associated with them, are to forever rest in peace. This is in accordance with the wishes of creator Cowboysfan13, and legends Vendetta, Tomb147, and Dj Slides. Any “generations” after the Cowboysfan13/Xhuntercorey generation are invalid.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to the whole CPA community. You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry, you’ve made me feel like I could fly. You’ve molded me into the person I am today. This community is truly special, and it represents what we, as young people, can do if we set our minds to something.

People who deserve mention (I’ll undoubtedly forget a few):

Emmalise (Emma) – You recruited me into Club Penguin Armies, and for that I am forever grateful. I remember during the summer of ’14 we’d talk until 5am daily, it would never get boring. You’re the kindest person I know, one of the smartest, and you’re one of my best friends. Thank you.

Shanaynay337 (Shan) – Another of my best friends. Some of my best memories from CPA include you in one way or another. I remember helping you when you first joined NW. Thank you.

Livelove1 (Live) – You haven’t come onto xat in ages, but you’re the person who first helped me when I was a noob and who kept me in CP Armies. You were my first friend, and for that, thank you.

Simi – Many memories of you from NW, and one of the few people who currently go on xat that can call themselves my senior from NW. You always say what you believe in and stand by it. You taught me this. Thank you.

Vendetta (Ven) – You were almost a godly figure when I was in NW. One of the best leaders of all time, and by far the most charismatic. You had a gift for making people listen to what you had to say, and you were very intelligent in what you did as leader. I molded many things about myself after you, and am glad I did so. Thank you.

Cowboysfan13 (Vince) – You’re one of the coolest guys I know. Your calm, cool, and collected demeanor was always needed in NW. People never give you the credit you deserve for creating NW, but in my eyes, you’re a CPA Legend. Thank you.

Tomb147 (Tomb) – Another of the best leaders of all time, and the best GFX designer that CP Armies have. One of the best CPA strategists of all time too. The coolest guy in CPA. I’m so glad that I still have contact with you. Thank you.

Shadowe2 (Shadow) – The funniest guy in all of CP Armies. You were always very loyal, and I’m glad that you still come on xat once in a while. Thank you.

Ilinkware (Cody) – You were cool to lead with. One of my best friends on xat at one point. Thank you.

Corey – Really cool guy, and it was awesome leading NW with you. Good luck being a firefighter. Thank you.

Greenoiscool (Carter) – Funny guy, lots of awesome memories with you. Were always loyal to NW, and recruited me into DCP. Thank you.

Mrgpv (Mikester) – Cool guy. Glad you moved on from NW to lead ACP with success. Thank you.

Mustapha10 – Best DCP Leader of all time. You push people to their limits, but it’s for the good of the army. Thank you.

Jester – Good leader. Chill guy. Thank you.

West – Really chill, cool guy. Thank you.

Brad – Chillest guy in CPA and really cool. Thank you.

Bam117 – One of the funniest guys in CPA. Scum. Thank you.

Sprite – Cool guy, very loyal to DCP. Very smart for an 8th grader. Thank you.

Supra – Cool guy, love talking about GoT with you. Thank you.

Zak – Best CPAC CEO of all time, and a really cool guy. Thank you.

Notable troops include: Zelecon, King Cool13, Champ503, Raven, Troppy, Ariana, Healthym3

NW Leader, led to 10th(3), 8th, 6th(2), single-handedly for the most part. Joined July 2010.
LT 2ic during first Golden Age.
Led my army to 1 Medium.
DCP Leader, led to 6th (2), 5th, 4th, 1st (3).

It’s better to burn out than to fade away.

NW is forever etched into the memory of CP Armies.

DCP is the greatest army in Club Penguin because of our work.

I’ve done great things.

I’m at peace.

I’d still like to advise DCP, and I will still be maintaining the CPAC site, to do what I can to help this wonderful community.

Signing off for the last time as your fearless leader,

Dj Slides/Konvikt

NW Legend

DCP Medal of Honor

Club Penguin Army 5 year veteran


5 Responses

  1. Its a shame to see you go but eventually we all get too old for Club Penguin armies (caught the age of 21 IF you’re me lmao but from a serious stand point the age of 18 at the latest and at the earliest 15 haaha) and you were great and shall be missed, seriously

  2. Well-done. Goodbye Konvikt.

  3. Sad to see you go, Nick. You were a great, loyal leader to DCP and I will always miss you. It was a good run, and I wish you the best of luck in regards to your future.

  4. Great Leader, Helped me alot, Going to miss you,Bye.

  5. 😦

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