Unscheduled Raid [VICTORY]

Posted on May 4, 2015 by mustapha10x

Hello, Troops!

Yesterday (Sunday) we decided to raid the evil LT for cheating and using bots in order to get recruits. This raid was successful and he had to raid us with bots but he still couldn’t win. Cheaters will always lose, Waterkid. Anyway, the soldiers did fantastic considering this was an unscheduled event. Nothing was able to stop us. Great job to everyone who attended, Family Forever!

unscheduled raid1unscheduled raid2 unscheduled raid12 unscheduled raid13 unscheduled raid4 unscheduled raid5  unscheduled raid7 unscheduled raid8 unscheduled raid9 unscheduled raid10 unscheduled raid11unscheduled raid12

Fear The Shield


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