Who knew a 22 Year Old Could Be So STUPID?

Posted on May 2, 2015 by mustapha10x

Hello, Troops!

So the Ice Warriors made another pathetic post, and the key words of their post are the following:

Whilst none of this is evidence on it’s own, let’s take a step back and look at everything

They are so butthurt and enraged in the fact they we’re much larger than them and that we’ve defeated them that they have came up with petty excuses. Like “Rocky / Doritodaily only has few stamps”. Well, unfortunately for you, we won’t force our soldiers to go and get stamps. And regardless of the amount of stamps that they have, they will never be considered multilogs.

They also make up random things like “their chat is probably fake users”. Anyone can make such an absurd claim on any army, but only IW are the ones to actually do something like this. Because their leader is 22 and still acts like a child. Instead of spewing random things without providing legitimate evidence, you should instead go to college.

All of those penguins have attended events that I have missed, and often miss events that I attend. Of course, IW forgot to mention that part, not like anyone with a brain would believe them anyway. I mean, there is a reason that the majority of their army are toddlers. They leave important facts out like DCP getting sizes of 60 on our chat and sizes of 30 on Club Penguin. I’d also like to add that the majority of people in armies clearly have different usernames than the usernames on Club Penguin. Everything that IW says is a lie, they’re led by a 22 year old miserable college drop out, and an internet thug who ddoses little kids on his spare time.

Fear The Shield

Many of the penguins that they claimed to be multilogs have been to army events while I was on vacation in Mexico (while DCP was dead)


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