My message to CPAC

Hello, Troops!

Today we will be addressing the special CPAC reporters and their rampant stupidity.

Everyone loves you… until you become better than them. Then the jealousy kicks in, and they try to stop you. Everyone envy’s our success, and I don’t blame them. I mean, coming from dead to becoming the completely dominant army isn’t a laughing matter. Too bad there’s nothing that they can do to stop us.

CPAC, you’re supposed to report news. Not make assumptions about DCP, I don’t see CPAC making assumptions about other armies – and I most certainly don’t see them assuming that other armies multilog. CPAC believes that we use 2 penguins per computer but they show NO LEGITIMATE EVIDENCE.

They will try to stop us from moving forward, breaking records, ect, but we cannot allow this to happen. They’ve been trying hard as of late, but have only been failing. If CPAC doesn’t report on news instead of making assumptions without legitimate evidence in attempt to tarnish our reputation, all of the credibility they have worked so hard to build will be dashed. If a news site is uncredible, a news site is nothing.

If you’re that angry with yourselves, it’s only your death wish. 


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