Posted on April 9, 2015 by mustapha10x

Here in the Doritos, we embarked on a goal to restore a home. To restore a legacy. We’ve come out of death only to find ourselves conquering at the very top. We weren’t placed at 1st last week because we didn’t spam events, but nonetheless we were still the strongest army. IW doesn’t show up to 50% of our invasions, and they have been targeting use since we’ve reopened. They targeted us out of fear, because we were the only ones who were capable of breaking their streak, and we did. They attacked their former brother allies out of greed, and it’s costing them their existence.

All IW soldiers are merely a statistic, feeding the egos of army hoppers. Your leaders are well known cyber bullies and hackers. Educate yourselves on the facts.

Save yourselves, because I can’t save you


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