Hello, Troops!

Today we made history, defeating both the Ice Warriors and Water Vikings combined. They resorted to cheating in order to beat us, but failed miserably. Both armies and their bots still couldn’t stop us. We came out victorious against both of the armies (they are both blue armies). We will continue fighting against evil, and we will never give up. We are a family, and there’s nothing anybody can do to change that. Nobody can ever stop us, and we will never stop fighting for what’s right. We are family, nothing’s stronger than that.

Screenshot at Feb 20 17-47-11

Screenshot at Feb 20 17-26-17 Screenshot at Feb 20 17-27-01

Screenshot at Feb 20 17-09-30

invasion of snowcovered16

invasion of snowcovered3

I am proud of all the true Doritos who have partaken in our journey to preserve justice, and eliminate all evil. We will continue fighting until the end, and we will never stop. 


Until later,

March On!

jester DCP Main Leader & Legend


4 Responses

  1. lol cool we win again

  2. no one can take us down lol

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