Rose & Verum: The Perfect Couple

Greetings Doritos

Big Bepboy calls Badboy a terrible leader and yet he has never led an army to max 50. I love how he calls Doritos a bunch of hoppers yet we have always had a loyal ownership, we’re not like Water Vikings giving people who can’t speak English owner. You have 19 owners, and you have trouble maxing 19 most of the time. I was fired by MW for defacing some chat and they closed down a week later. Apollo is confused, doesn’t know if he’s a boy or girl¬†(except for Apollo) and I don’t brag about it, yet Antman has mental breakdowns because he can’t get the Rose. Stop making up lies about me & Rose, I wouldn’t ever go near that.¬†Rose won’t become a SMAC legend now because your website fails. You’re saying that the DCP ownership are hoppers yet we have the most loyal ownership in armies. Mustapha and Jester are DCP legends and have been for years. They have always been loyal for this army, and they wouldn’t give up no matter what hit them. Abubakr was a DCP recruit and hasn’t left us once, Meta and Konvikt are one of the best and most loyal troops you’ll ever seen. Meta was recruited into DCP a long time ago and he’s been on the medal of honor for years. Badboy was recruited by DCP and this is his home, I joined DCP under Rishron and stayed with them till they died and I was back for the short gen after that until we shut down due to technical difficulties. WV be hating because of Jesters new mixtape. RIP WV, RIP Rose and RIP Bepboys dream.

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