Get Steam Rolled

Greetings Doritos

Big Bepboy and his crew tried to call us out, again claiming we inflate sizes. They claimed to have maxed 36 yet they only got 28 on Club Penguin. This is their best picture, even though they didn’t use our best picture.

Have Water Vikings ever recruited? No they haven’t because hiring Golds moderators as AUSIA leaders to get CPAC points is easier.

We can’t handle Water Vikings AUSIA division. They claim to max 10 and they are finding it hard to get 5, master Luis isn’t the god we thought he was. Their AUSIA consists of UK troops and they still can’t manage to get more than 5. Water Viking have an army the size of Hippos US, they look like an egotistical SMAP army that wants a run at the big boys.

WV 1

Apparently we hire the biggest hoppers this community has ever seen. The WV ownership is pathetic and makes me laugh. They have Teigan who sucks more dick than Bepboy, Tax B, the man who led like 5 armies last month, Apollo and Jay, the kids who made Moon Warriors max 7 and closed them down a week later, Ant the ex SWAT 3ic who gets angry if you expose how dirty WV girls are, Wobba and 28 Luis, also known as owners with skid to match our recruits. Rose is a leader, I mean it can’t get more pathetic than that.

Badboy led DW to max 50 and SWAT to max 30, sizes WV has never seen. We destroyed you today and will happily do it anytime. You got the lowest CPAC 1st placement in all of history and it was your first time getting placed as 1st. That just goes to show how pathetic of an army you are, and how easily the Doritos Family will crush you.

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