Water Vikings: Frail or Fail

Greetings, Fam

Imagine a weak army who calls people to events and gets sizes of 25 declares war on the great Dorito Empire, while we just opened, well it has happened. They claim to get sizes of 38 in this picture:

I count 28 (at their best event) either they failed Kindergarten or they are the biggest hypocrites and liars the community has ever seen, suddenly Paco looks good. They think they’re cool by calling people to chat. This is their moderators and members on chat after an event:

I count 3 Water Vikings and 12 people not in the army. They’re an owner army and none of their members are in their army. Their ownership consists of an ex Nacho leader who got whipped by us, Andrews dog, an Irish SMAC CEO who gets in autistic fights all day long, some thot called Jodie, Lord Jay and Apollo aka the cutest couple in armies, an ex ACP noob and a basketball god who makes Elm look young. The last time Water Vikings tried to invade Summit this happened:


Its funny how since Zakster became CPAC CEO Water Vikings have been getting in the top 3. This is an army where everyone gets owner its basically like an autistic commie army. If you forget even the weak Nachos annihilated them, and they have to run to the Grand Alliance when armies spank them and make them cry.

We killed armies twice the size of you, we killed Nachos, we are a family and that is the strongest thing in the world. All WV is are army hoppers who found a home, you have no family. We have been through death, when we maxed sizes of 10, that was bad. When Water Vikings maxed 10 it called their Golden Age. Fear The Shield because behind that shield is a family that cannot be broken.

The Chips Are In Our Favor

RIP Water Vikings



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