Message to Our Allies

Hello, Troops!

This is a message to some of our allies, IW and ACP. Both of these armies need to wake up like the rest of the community, and realize that they shouldn’t be allied to a despicable army such as the Dark Side any longer, and here’s why.

ACP – you’re only worried about yourselves and you aren’t doing what’s right. You are worried that the alliance will target you as soon as they’re done with the Dork Warriors while you’re forgetting the fact that many of the very armies in that alliance have fought to protect you. No matter what the price is, you must always do what’s right and you should never side with an army that condones and HAS ALWAYS condoned ddosing, doxing, RATing or any other types of hacks. You guys are a historically rich and legendary army and it’s time you start embracing that. ACP is the very army that inspired me to begin leading, and to think of it, weren’t you guys much bigger when you were actually doing whats right, without worrying about the future so much? I loved as I watched ACP and DCP kill the Dark Warriors several times. 

As for IW – You guys are also a historically rich and legendary army, isn’t it time you started acting like one? Siding with such an army ruins your reputation and makes you a “bad guy”. For the last couple of years, IW has been the good guys and it would be shame to see that reputation destroyed. You guys are the very army that recruited Wwe himself, the creator of DCP. You guys must do what is right no matter what, and if that doesn’t happen then you deserve better leaders. Besides, you have nothing to lose since you have a treaty with the Dark Side until 2069.

Now let me be clear, I know LT isn’t a completely innocent army but what they are doing (waging war against DW) is right. You can’t deny that.stand for what is right

p.s. We aren’t in any alliances, we’re doing whats right and taking out DW

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Leader

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  2. Praise the lord

  3. I love this post already just by reading the image

  4. DW sucks!!! They always force us!! DW is the worst army!!
    P.S. This is Pill Parrot.

  5. tl;dr


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