The Return

Hello, Troops!

Our return was inevitable, and together we’re going to shake the world with our might. Together, united as one – this family is going to prove everybody wrong once again.

Over the past years, DCP has been through so much. We have been through death and back, and we continue to come back no matter how hard we get knocked down. A chat room that used to get a pitiful 5 users, now gets 50+ users before we have even opened. 2015 is only what we make of it, it’s a new year and we are a newly reopened army. Recently, we were the strongest and most feared army, breaking records and destroying every single one of our enemies. That in itself is an amazing accomplishment, but we always ache for so much more.

Every single one of us is older, more experienced, and we’re hungry for success. Now that we have learned from our past, nothing can stop us. We are unstoppable, and better yet, we’re a family and nothing is stronger than that. If we set our minds to it, we will accomplish our great goals because none of us are greater than all of us.

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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