Road to Prideland?

Hello, Troops!

 Many of you are probably wondering how DCP died out.. There were many factors to it, and instead of running from the past we must learn from it. 

We’ve never easily handed out high ranks, but high ranks weren’t hard to get. This is one thing that I have always wanted to fix, and there’s many solutions. From this point forward, it will take very long to get a high rank in DCP. Once you get it, you better hope you don’t lose it. You get one chance to get a good rank here, after that you’re out of luck. Either you’re apart of the Doritos Family until the end or you aren’t apart of this family at all. If you choose not to be apart of this family, I can care less (as I haven’t been on for months, you should be able to tell I don’t really care anymore). All I want is for my home to exist once more.

I call upon all true Doritos to report to the chat as soon as possible. It is our duty to ensure that our beloved legendary army lives on forever. We shall not stand idle while our home army lies in the virtual shambles of non-existence. No more playing games, this is personal, this is like our second home. This is the very army that made everyone who they are today – and we are ALL reeducated, and once again instead of running from the past, we must learn from it. With our extra experience, skills, and connections, we will show this entire community our true colors. We did it many times before, when we were much younger and now is our second chance, fam. We all came up together so we’re down for the fight, now lets make our dreams reality.

“Family, nothing’s stronger than that”

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


One Response

  1. yay go DCP whoo Welcome Back musta I really missed you and I wanted you to check out a comment I posted on a former Post In november it was “Im still Here As Well” and I commented. I totally respect you Musta!

    United We stand, Divided We fall”

    -DCP Member, Dorito Eater

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