DCP will officially return in January. 

Everyones Slate has been whiped clean. We currently have no enemies and everyone is welcomed to join DCP. 

Merry Christmas

8 Responses

  1. Am I even welcome 😦

  2. I’m glad you guys are starting fresh. Consider an alliance with Nachos? Us food armies need to stick together.

    • Lol that’s how it works in cp armies. One minute 2 armies are butt buddies and the next they hate each other. I was still enraged about the summer. I forgave DCP after they died. I want to start fresh with DCP, and I was honestly happy when they came back. It would be cool to see a dead army rise. Plus, we could use all the help we can get against the ACP. Perhaps afterwards, we might turn to attack DW, the army that killed you. I’m asking for a new start. DCP will rise. They could be a powerful ally against a great evil. Of course you could assist ACP, but who are their butt buddies with now? The army that killed you off. I know it wasn’t just DW that helped kill you, it was also because you were overthrown & doritos administration took over. Look how well that turned out. An alliance with Doritos would be awesome. ~Fluffy9404

    • Sorry – I thought you guys were at war with DW recently. I guess I was wrong lol.

  3. Ill come on DCP chat on January 1st, 2015. My computer is being fixed.

  4. […] upcoming revival, which began in January. In a post titled IM BRINGING SEXY BACK which can be found here, Jester’s statement is brief but states DCP’s intention on […]

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