Aww, What The Hell…

Hello Troops

Or whoever still reads this…

I was just here to personally thank some people for killing my generation. 

First of all, if you’re going to wipe everything on DCP about Musta, you’re not gonna have a very good time. Musta may be a complete doo doo head at times but he did an alright job for what it was.

Second of all, the most inappropriate response the team could have would be to Give Up, and Shut Down. Like what are you showing here? Defeat? A loss to an internal enemy for the Greatest and Most Powerful army of all time? Unacceptable.

But sadly, the reality is, I would personally take over myself, but their just simply isn’t enough time or man power left for me to be enabled to do so. Which I also understand is probably the reason why we’re being shut down.

I know I’ve covered most of this in my retirement post (which has for some reason dissappeared) But I’ll repost it here.

Hello Troops!

This very well may be my final post here on DCP. (For Real This Time)

Today, after seven and a half years of my service to the Club Penguin Army Empire, and 3 and a half years of service to DCP, I must announce my retirement.

As some of you know, being active in an army, and active in school, can actually be a pretty tough situation. The problem for me is that not only was I trying to be active in DCP and School, but also trying to work a part time job, balance friendships, and prepare for college. I am 17 years old now, and will be 18 in about a month. This is very simply becoming a lost cause for me.

Now, before I go on my final statements about my opinions on the army, and stating my final goodbyes, I have a few people to thank for my success, not only in the army world, but within CP itself…

Oh, and for Mustapha’s Sake; I retired about a year ago now, But I never got the opportunity to post about it. So here it is…

Some thank you’s go out to:

JessicaChu/BlueJessica; My first penguin (Orangoiscool)’s first true penguin love

Watex/Fever: A lot of you new members to the Club Penguin world may not know who this is, but let it be said, that he is a legendary person. Not only was he the first to the creation of the Club Penguin Cheat Sites on WordPress, he led us into what we today know as the army format. Without him, armies could have been a lot harder to spawn, because very simply, we wouldn’t have our number one platform; WordPress.

Heatblast227: There’s not much to thank you for, but you inspired my friends to do what they do best, join armies and create Club Penguin videos 😀

Minybuddie & DQ231: From the fight over CPBN (Club Penguin Broadcasting Network) in the beginning to now, I have you guys to thank for almost all of my five minutes of fame. From allowing me to run Penguin Island (up until the IATW hackings of course) To trying to get me to run the new site, you guys never let me down. Thank you for all that you have done for me, and all of my successes.

Bruce: From our fights over Jessica, and wether she was even real or not, to our adventures with CP Broadcasting, we were a true duo. I miss you bro, DM me on twitter or something.

Bocaj & Emilylondon: I would like to thank you two for helping me reach my ultimate goals and successes. You guys never left my side, through thick and thin we always had the sites ready to roll. When I couldn’t post the updates, you guys would, and I honestly never showed you enough appreciation for all that you did. Thank you guys. I will remember you both for as long as time will allow.

——–Non-Army Thank Yous End Line——-

Tombeh147: I would like to thank you for not only helping to create, but as well as to officially begin my true club penguin army career. If it weren’t for you, none of this would’ve ever happened. Thank you.

Vendetta: Sometimes we didn’t get along, others we did, but all in all you’re exactly what an army needs; a strict, but friendly leader.

Vince: This one was probably unexpected, but before the Gabby incident, we were pretty chill. SO thanks for that.

Gabby: You were NW’s pride and joy, and then you left for DCP. Gabby, you and I have a pretty strange relationship, between you re-adding, and then blocking me on facebook, me stealing all of your old pics off of your photobucket and uploading them to mine (and they aren’t even your pics so wtf xD), and all of our crazy army changes and adventures, you were a true friend that I will probably never forget. I wish to you that you continue to have a succesful life, and maybe one day you’ll be able to run NW just like you dreamed of doing.

Xero: You are my main BFF bro. We’ve gone through it all. girl fights, army fights, haxxoring, scamming, me unfairly promoting you in like 15 different armies, and all of the other corrupt shit we did. We were two in one, a duo of assholes that no one could ever forget. Keep up with me bro.

Sabrina & Emmalise: you guys were probably some of the best friends I could’ve asked for. You were both there through each and every tough time that I had, and you stuck with me through it. Thank you.

Aaron: Keep doing what you do, and one day success will land upon you.

Calibelle: I honestly don’t care what anyone says; you were an absolutley great leader, and a great role model for the female leaders in the field. Thank you for helping me try to keep NW on it’s feet.

Monsoon: You were mah bae and you know you still are, love you gir ❤ xD

Nick: Thank you for all of the help you have given to not only NW and DCP, but to every single aspiration of an army I have ever created. You are truly a great person, and top of that a great leader. I hope your “business” continues to thrive in the future ;D

—–Non-DCP End Line—–

Wweestfan: I would like to thank you for allowing me to lead this army 4 times in a row. You have obviously created this army as a huge success, and to allow me to lead it is an absolute honor. Thank you.

Rocky: You are like my little bro, when people come around to fuck with you, I got yo back. I remember back in the day when we were both in the L.I.T. Elections by WWE, and you and I both were planning on promoting one another once one of us got elected, and that’s pretty cool. All in all thanks for being there man, I got yo back.

Bam: Let’s be honest, you were and forever will be my role model for this army. You are a hilarious person, and everything you’ve done has helped make this army what it truly is; The Doritos Army of Club Penguin.

Paco & 13yearoldnoob: I couldn’t have asked for better co-leaders back in the day, You guys were the yin and yang of the whole operation, and without you guys this ship would have sunk faster than waterkid’s pirates. Thank you for being who you are, and I hope you both continue to do so through out your lives.

Toysoldier: Thank you for always sticking up for me through thick and thin. We may have had some rough points, but all in all everything worked out just fine.  Thank you for helping me, as well as Musta for helping maintain, and run this army to this day. Also, may the Royal Spirits see what our future holds.

Samra: YOU WERE COUPED AND PUT ON THE HALL OF SHAME HAHAAHAHAH, but you’re still a pretty cool person, and I enjoy your snapchats… Thank you xD

Alfrondo: I would like to thank you for not only leaving DCP to help me run NW, but also to return to DCP with me when NW died. You and I go way back, and I know how you are. Thank you for being a bro for me when I need one, and I’m always willing to return the favor.

West: I would like to thank you for helping me lead the army, and being such a great person/leader.  I hope that you may continue on your journey to become one of the best leaders ever, and do me a favor and hmu before you get there. xD

Mustapha10: Ohh Musty, Must, Mustapha, (Moo-Sta-Pha), Moostafart, where to begin, where to begin… You and I have always had some sort of a connection, a connection in which we want to see what’s best for this army, happen for this army. And although, that connection was often severed, we kept the dream alive, one way or another. I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and considerations that you have put into this army. If anyone wants to be as successful of a leader as you, I suggest that they follow each and everyone one of your footsteps to get there. You are not only a great friend, but as well a brother, and I love you for that. From our adventures on minecraft, to this very post, you have inspired me to become a better leader, and you haven’t ever let me down. I’m sorry for ever being a complete asshole. You don’t deserve that, and you are honestly an awesome leader. Once again, thank you for bringing our friendship, and this army to the point that it’s at today.

Honorable Mentions:







All NW Not Mentioned in this post

Night Warriors

The Nachos














Matterhorn Federations Supporters





BlueSockJew One and Two







All of DCP


Ok and now for my closing statements…

It has been an honor to lead this army for almost 3+ years now, and to watch it fall and grow has been absolutely amazing.  You guys; The Troops are what really keep this army growing, and without you, this army would be nothing. The largest thank you of all goes out to all of you guys for doing what you do best, Recruiting, Showing Up For Battles, and Stick by our side, through the tough times. You are the life blood of the Doritos, and never forget that.

If I am welcomed to do so, I would also be honored to be an advisor to the army in order to help it grow and become the most successful army in CP History. Yes, this means I will be about as active as I’ve been in these past few weeks, but I’ll try to make more battles. and help you troops figure out new, as well as more effiecent ways of recruiting.


“An Era DCP will never forget, and will always remember.”

So I guess this is it? Nahh it can’t be. It’s only the end when it needs to be. I probably won’t be gone forever, but I probably won’t return for a long time. If anything, I honestly would just like to remain as an influential person in the Doritos, as well as Club Penguin Army community. I would love to help anyone with anything they need help with thats army related, so just hmu when you need me.

Remember, Anything Could Happen;

Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle, how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole.

Bernard Law Montgomery

Well guys,

Until Next Time,
Waddle On!

Fight The Good Fight!

Bring Honor To Mother R… I mean… The DORITOS!

Your Now, Former Leader,


Anyways, I’m gonna miss you guys, and next time something like this happens, tell me and maybe we can work something out to prevent the army from shutting down. -.- Also tell me if you guys decide to revive the army anytime soon.

Until next time,

Adios Amigos,


-The Doritos Representative of State, Former Main Leader, and Creator of This Generation.-


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  1. aww i must be the only one reading this-loyal dcp moderator Sophia -call me Soph!

  2. Carter you were my favorite leader of DCP

  3. Faaam

  4. i just recreated it!

  5. :(((((((((((((( i still check site

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