DW fail #trillion

Hello, Troops!

Out of the Dark Side’s 35 idiotic 2 sentence posts a day, one of them stood out.

Drake says that since Andrew retired I’m taking a break because there’s “no one to carry me”. I don’t know if he realizes or not, but when someone retires it only means that there’s one less autotyper on CP. Autotyping requires NO SKILL (which is how Elmikey managed to make DW big).

Drakes logic = Pressing start = carrying Mustapha10.

Oh and better yet, he thinks I care about my reputation when I’ve stayed in DCP even when they weren’t in the top 10. Taking a 2-3 day leave doesn’t mean I am no longer leader. I’m still leader and I am still responsible for this army and their rankings which I can care less about. Notice how there wasn’t a single post about our top 10 spot unlike your 5 posts about it?

^DW site all day everyday^

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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