Battle Analysis [Must Read]

Hello, Troops!

 So, the pre-battle began at the town. So even before the battle started, DW decided to retreat to the Ice Berg. (They retreated to the Ice Berg about 5 minutes before the battle officially began)

invasion of frosty3

Andrew24 then private chatted the Dark Side’s leader and asked him if we can both enter a room at the same time, for a fair fight and to try to avoid lockouts. Drake refused out of fear.

invasion of frosty5

We took it upon ourselves to have lockouts and crush DW, so we then followed them to the Ice Berg.

invasion of frosty11invasion of frosty13

invasion of frosty20

They then retreated AGAIN which ultimately led us to follow. We went to the Snow Forts and circled it. When it reached the 32 minute mark we logged off.

If you count the pictures (EVEN IN THE ROOMS THAT WE FOLLOWED THEM INTO AND HAD LOCKOUTS), we were larger than them the entire time. 

Good Job Doritos, we have successfully defended Club Penguin from this menace! I’m proud of you all!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


2 Responses

  1. I find it funny how DW contradicts themselves. A few months back, we were defending one of our servers and DW claimed they won since we didn’t attack them. Now they are saying the opposite. Round of applause to DW!

  2. You are a bunch of cowards, The Dark Side is falling and they realize it.

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