The Doritos’ Response to The Dark Side

Hello, Troops!

After DW humiliated themselves by inviting every army to a meeting and begging for help only to be rejected (Yes, they needed 20 armies to take us on), and failing with their propaganda posts, they have decided to take matters into their own hands. They think they’re capable of achieving the impossible and killing this army. The army that has never been killed. They fail to realize that we’re no ordinary army… we’re a family.

DW, we will meet all of your attacks with sheer force. If any “allies” do “bolster” your sizes, not only will your invasions be invalid, but we will also attack any of those “allies”.

Together, United as one, the Dark Side will fall to the hands of the Doritos. We will stand up to those who try to oppress us, even if we stand alone. 

stand for what is right

We will not stop until all evil is eradicated from Club Penguin armies as whole. The Dark Warriors are merely Cyber Bullies and deserve no place in the CP Army Community. Your temporary sizes cannot be compared to the true strength of the Doritos. The defeat of the Dark Side is inevitable.


Together, we will re-educate these mongrels. United we are unstoppable because none of us our greater than all of us! Now is our time, our chance, to permanently dismantle the Dark Side’s authoritarian regime. They prevent people from accessing the internet, which to me is disgusting. The internet is the only place for millions of people to escape reality, and to know that they’re preventing people from accessing the internet with DoS attacks from is just wrong.

-Insert random irrelevant meme here-

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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