Frosty – RAIDED!

Hello, Troops!

Today we raided the Dark Side’s capital and they were too afraid to enter the battle rooms and instead stayed hiding in the Ice Berg with many bots, not allowing us to enter. They were afraid to defend their own capital server. Their own leader unplugged his own internet in an act of fear and panic when he seen our sizes. Good Job today Doritos, Justice has been served!

 frosty raid9 frosty raid11 frosty raid13 frosty raid7 frosty raid5frosty raid6

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


7 Responses

  1. I was there. Good job guys ❤

  2. I’m SO sorry I missed this event 😦
    I had something planned and I had to go…


  3. First of all,those werent our bots,second of all,would it make no sence to call the event Fill the Berg without even being in the Berg? Third,how do you know Drake un-plugged his computer? Its not like you were there in his house watching him un-plug his computer. -comment to be deleted by Big musty

    • How do you know Drake was DDoSed? It’s not like you were in his house to know if he was actually DDoSed!!1!!1!
      -comment to be laughed at by big musty**

      • I dont know where I said that he was ddosed? I was just saying if you have no proof of what happened to his computer you shouldnt be talking,and are you sure those where our bots? Those bots were being controlled by a penguin named Thinkcode. Which I checked in the ranks is NOT a Dark Warrior.

  4. Hey guys.
    I’m a dorito reject.
    I like to write essays in comment sections on my free time.
    I look like a str8 nerd irl and my parents put me in boot camp cause im a disgrace.
    Just letting you guys know.

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