The Retirement of Lord West

Hello everyone!

Well, today is the day. Saturday, September 6, 2014. This is the day that I, Lord West, hereby announce my departure from the leadership of the Doritos Army. I’ve had a hell of a time leading this army. I would like to share with all of you how I truly feel about this army. The army that has always been known to fall off the radar one week, then come back into the Top 5 the next. DCP is literally like my second home. Even as I was typing this up, it all felt a bit.. well, weird, to say my goodbyes to you all. However, this is a necessary evil. Yesterday was my first day of school. I’ve entered the 11th grade. I am now an upper class-man. This year will be hard on me in particular. If I want to be somewhat successful in my many years after school, I must focus this year as my grades weren’t the best last year. With the SAT being a major test I must take, I must also prepare myself for that. Soon enough, bowling season will also be starting. It is a sport near and dear to my heart, so I have to set out to be the best that I can be. 

Now, although this is my retirement from the Doritos army, this certainly will not be my last. Doritos, I solemnly swear to you that I will return one day, and I will lead this great army once more. I will still be on chat about as much as I can. I will be serving the army under the rank of Advisor for now. I will also be taking the time to not only engulf myself as a student, I will also continue to work for CPAC as I am a part of their Senior Staff. So you will still continue to see me on the DCP chat along with whatever I may be working on for CPAC. 

I was planning on making this a lengthy post, but I decided that I was going to save that for my final retirement from anything army related. So it’s time to move on to say my thank you to some rather important people I’ve encountered here in DCP, along with a few others:

Mustapha10x: Hey, I remembered the x part unlike everyone else it seems. Musty, where the hell do I even start with this? I remember when I first joined in the summer of 2012. I swore you hated my guts. But we obviously moved on far from that. You gave me so many chances here in this army. I consider myself lucky honestly. I got to lead alongside you, you gave me my Medal of Honor and helped me to achieve Legend. We always seem to be arguing over some serious things, or even the dumbest stuff. Then again what brothers don’t fight like that? There are very few that I can consider a “brother” in my life, but you are definitely deserving of it. I can’t thank you enough for always helping me, especially when I felt like my back was against the wall. You truly are a great person, as well as a leader. 

Bam117: Bam, I know you and Musta got into your stuff, but that honestly doesn’t change my opinion on you. You, just like Musta, are one of the few I can consider a “brother”. Of all my time in this damned community, without you I don’t know what the f I would be doing. You are literally my best friend (at least on xat). And I really wouldn’t want it to be anyone else. You helped shape me into the leader that I am today. And of course you, Jester, and I always had the best Skype calls together. I am truly honored that I got to lead alongside you for the time that I did. And thanks for being there for DCP when it was just about to hit rock bottom. 

Jester: Dude, I don’t know what the hell you’re thinking going with LT. Either way that doesn’t change my opinion on you. Like Musta and Bam, you too are one that I could call a “brother”. You always pumped out a load of funds for the army, getting us ads everywhere, and even the MC server.  I am grateful that I also got to lead with you for the time that I did. I’ll talk to you on Skype sometime soon. 

Wwebestfan: We never really had full-on conversations, but I would like to thank you for allowing me to be able to lead this legendary army that you created 4 years ago. I certainly didn’t do as well as you when you lead, but I’m sure that you would’ve been pleased with how I did. I would also like to thank you for the time that I was able to lead with you earlier in the year. 

Alfrondo: Alf, I want to thank you for recruiting me into this army, and being the first one to truly give me an opportunity. You gave me mod early when I first joined. When DCP was low, you always came back and tried to help as much as you could. I also want to thank you for all the advice you gave to me that one time a while back. 

Samra: Sam, I don’t think you get the respect that you deserve from some people. You have managed to stay one of my best friends for more than 6 incredible years now. I want to thank you for always being there for me, and most of all for introducing me to this army. If it weren’t for you, I sure as hell wouldn’t be writing this post. 

To the current leadership: Well guys, it’s all up to you for the time being. I hope you all had as much fun leading with me as I did you. The three of you will do awesome with the Army, I just know it. Don’t let us down now. But I don’t see that happening at all to be honest. 

To the current ownership: Same goes for you guys. Make sure you guys cooperate with Andrew, Ghost, and Musty. If they don’t give you an earful because you slacked off, I sure as hell will! Nah, you guys are the best. I enjoyed having some of the best owners while I was leading this wonderful army.

To the rest of the Doritos Army: You guys are some of the best troops I’ve ever seen. You truly are all amazing. I wish I could mention you all, but there’s just way too many! Keep on working hard, everyday of your lives. Not only for the army, but in general as well. One day, anyone of you can go on to be the next best thing sliced bread. (As if all of you aren’t already :p)

 It’s been a hell of a ride, and it really was an amazing journey. It’s like an emotional roller coaster right now, honestly. And with that, I say goodbye to my leadership here in the Doritos. I also say goodbye to my beloved troops. I love each and every single one of you, and don’t you forget it. Sigh.. Until next time, Doritos…

Lord West, Doritos of CP Legend


6 Responses

  1. We all will dmn missya West. You will always stay in our hearts.Good luck when you start school.WE WILL MISS YA WHY DO U WANT TO LEAVE WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Without you I would have probably quit the second day I rejoined DCP in March because I didn’t know anyone in DCP. You are truly an amazing leader. You stuck with DCP through hell and back whether it was the times when we were thriving or the times when we were on our last leg. I am so glad that I got to lead with one of the greatest leaders in this community. The things we achieved with just me you kingdra when bam and jester left us for a bigger army were outstanding. I could have never been able to lead DCP alone with just myself. Good luck in life and btw you better prepare a boat because you’re not stepping on retirement island <3.

  3. You were awesome.

  4. Brother brother! Thank you for all of the memories over the years! Never forgotten! Love you.

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