Guide to become a Mod/Owner

How to Autotype

You’re here because you want to be promoted. No? Is it because the leaders are literally saying “RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT” all day? Well, recruiting is easy & it’s not that bad. It helps the army, and also gets you promotions! Here’s how to start.

First of all,


It’s 100% safe and has no viruses.


Next, open the program.

This is the hardest part, (note: it’s easy.)

Once it’s opened, then click “Autotyper”. After that, you’ll see a blue box in the middle. That’s where your recruiting lines will go. To add lines, you click the “Add” button near the bottom. After that, you will have a window open where you get to add in lines.

Keep pressing add and Ok until your blue box looks like this:

It’s as simple as that.



Make a penguin on Club Penguin. You NEVER want to use your main penguin that you care about, because CP does sometimes ban accounts (rarely, but it’s very important that you make a new penguin and use it to recruit!!!)

Finally, go on that new penguin you made and login to a server that has 4-5 bars. These are usually the popular servers that everybody goes on. Once you’re on, click your “Start” on the autotyper, then click the chatbar on clubpenguin quickly. This will begin typing the lines automatically for you. That’s it!

Doing this can get you promotions VERY fast, so try to recruit daily. Without recruiting, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

  • You can watch TV
  • Do your homework
  • Or anything else in real life while autotyping!

Sadly, you cannot use the computer unless you stop the auto typer, which is why most owners are away from chat and can’t talk much. But it still is very helpful to recruit šŸ™‚

That’s all for now!



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