What are Divisions?

We’ve brought back Divisions and we have a Division Battle this week, so many people have been asking me what divisions were. To avoid any confusion in the future, I suggest you all click “Continue Reading”

Not all armies have divisions as they are optional; we have chosen to have them. We can use divisions to have a fun battle within the army (Cool Ranch vs Cheesy) or we could even use our divisions to launch two attacks on our enemies both attacks being at the same exact time.

So, what are our divisions and how do you choose one? Well, it’s quite simple. There’s two divisions, and whichever one sounds cooler to you should be the division you join! There’s no application to fill out or anything, you just pick a side.


There’s the Cool Ranch division. They’re led by Andrew24 and they are blue on Club Penguin. They have a similar uniform to the Cheesy division, except theirs is blue. They’re known for being the underdogs to the Cheesy division in the past. However, they were very successful.



There’s also the Cheesy Division which will be led by West and I. Our uniform is slightly different from the Cool Ranch division and we’re known for defeating the Cool Ranch division in historic battles.


So become a part of a division today to help ensure top security to the Doritos Empire, to cripple our enemies, and to have fun battles together! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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