Welcome to The Final Awakening

Hello, Troops!

Here in the Doritos, we’ve been through hell and back. We’ve been ditched, back-stabbed, threatened, attacked in our weakened state, called small, lame, and the list goes on. But it’s all only made us stronger. 

Today, a former leader came on our beloved chat room. Bam was not only insulting me, but the entire army. Making fun of our top 10 spot, saying we only max 20, ect. I made Bam what he was today, I taught him how to recruit and everyone knows it because he admits it. He’s been here for years and he still didn’t know how to lead an army in early 2013. I taught him step by step on how to lead, before that he was a major troll. When he returned to DCP while I was on vacation, he had the exact same ownership and leadership that I had (except I fired the 10 owners he had in place like Melissa, Shadow, ect). We both had Meta, Kingdra, Jester, and West. The only difference was that when I was here we achieved sizes of 40+ and when you were here while I was on vacation, you only managed to achieve sizes of 15 and struggled to even stay in the top 10, while within my first week we were in the top 4.

I don’t know what he was expecting of an army with ZERO owners and a single leader to lead alongside myself, However, Bam, unlike you I wont ragequit and join neither LT or ACP when things don’t go my way. All of your trash talking has paid off. While you’re debating whether or not you should go to college, we will be here laughing at you. Unfortunately for you, the beast has awoken. We’re ignoring Nachos for the week while we’re in rebuilding stage. I hired the best owners CP armies have to offer and we will annihilate anyone who steps in our path.

And yes, many people will try to get in our way. They’ve been getting in our way for MONTHS now. Do not allow them to get in our way, Doritos. United we conquer, divided we fall. They’ve seen what we’re capable of and our success kills them. They don’t want this monster to be re-awoken; However, we refuse to meet their needs.

Together, we are unstoppable. No one can ever compare to us. The longer we stay united, the more we are capable of achieving the impossible. Because none of us our greater than all of us. So I call upon all Doritos to join us in our journey to keep the Doritos Legacy flame lit for generations to come.

We’re a family today, tomorrow, and forever.

We prevail every single time.

The orange Banner of Justice will fly high above those who oppress us.

Until later,

 March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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  1. Great post Musta!

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