Message to Nachos

Hello troops!

So I felt it was necessary to address these peons we’re at war with. That’s right, the Nachos.

So first off, we have some no-life dork named Chrisi Blule trying to tarnish the good Dorito name. Apparently it should take you less than a week to rebuild your army. 

Honestly, this is so pathetic. The fact that they require time to rebuild pretty much proves that we defeated them

Musta Edit: The Chrisi kid claims that we’ve already been defeated when the Nachos ADMITTED defeat throughout the previous week of our war (YES, THE WEEK THAT GRANTED US A SPOT ON SMAP, YOU WERE DEFEATED BY A SMAP ARMY.) This moron really thinks we’re “delaying the inevitable” yet he goes on to say I have a massive ego? If I cared about my ego so much I would of ditched whenever DCP gets smaller. You’re idiotic, and such statements only mean that you have no valid argument. You’re bragging this much because we’ve decided to ignore you for a week? We can ignore you for an entire month and still have more servers than you, because we’re just that good. Then we get Daniel saying he was the first one to say the word “peon” in cp armies (LOLWUT??) and he thinks we can’t beat his internet girlfriends army which max a WHOPPING 7+ (while we had 30+ on chat laughing at them)

First off Chrisi, no one even knows who you are. So please stop trying to sound all big. And then you go on rambling about about how you have defeated us. We went into rebuilding stage after you admitted defeat 3 times in a row. Please tell me how you have defeated us. I would just LOVE to know. Especially when you can’t even keep up to par with us during ANY of our battles. I find it kind of funny that you get 30+ during the Legends Cup yet you can’t even scramble together enough troops to invade during US times. You say we don’t max more than 20? That’s coming from an army who can’t even get more than 15+ during US times. That’s a bit sad. You’re all a disgrace to this entire community. 

As for Chrisi’s “plagiarized server layout”, I’m so sorry that you’ve become so butthurt over the way our servers are presented. Chrisi, do me a favor please; come to me with some legitimate proof that you were the one who created the way the servers page looks. This kid keeps crying “they stole my work!1!” yet they have no proof that they even thought this idea up. 

DCP will be back next week for you sad Nachos. Prepare to meet your maker. I’m predicting at least 40+. Can you keep up Nachos? I sure as hell don’t think you can. 🙂

Guys look, an angry elf!

Lord West, Doritos of CP Main Leader & Legend

10 Responses

  1. Prepare, nachos. You’re about to meet your downfall!

  2. You think you can start getting 40+ in a week’s time? Believe me, if you can, then so can anybody else.

    • Beeky, where there’s a will there’s a way. I have faith that with our elite leadership, there will be no stopping us. I’m calling you out right here, right now. I DARE YOU to go full force. And DCP will still run circles around your sorry ass.

    • We’ve gotten 40+ in a days time, you were all like “DCP was surprisingly large today!1!”

  3. Andrew that didn’t even make sense

  4. I couldn’t help but laugh when Musta said that the Nachos got beat by a SMAP army

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