6 Feet Under

Hello, Troops!

Today we out performed and out numbered the Nachos, like the majority of this war. This time we did many formations so they don’t find some pathetic excuse to claim victory. They sat on CP doing absolutely nothing for the majority of the battle; Daniel and his internet girlfriend didn’t know how to do tactics when Beeky wasn’t around.

invasion of down under4invasion of down under1 invasion of down under10invasion of down under12invasion of down under17 invasion of down under19

Comment if you attended this battle!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


7 Responses

  1. go dcp!

  2. I came. Can I have my rank revealed now?

  3. i came ~Moospie~

  4. I was able to come for a little, before my game froze 😦

  5. I Attended!! I was chicken6600. As a solider and a family member of DCP, I try to attend as MANY battles as possible!! To stop those Nacho Bullies!! We always have stopped
    the nachos. And that will NEVER change. Never. Also shout-out to Mustpha10 for being a GREAT leader!

  6. I love your server puns!

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