Snow Drift is ours!

Hello, Troops!

Once again we wrecked the Nachos, giving us yet another server. Once again, we had great tactics and we outnumbered the Nachos. Unfortunately for them, their leader is unintelligent and has some messed up logic and believes that he’s victorious “because DCP only had 5 bombs, and they had 10!!” Beeky, with that logic I can log on CP all alone and take your nation as long as I do joke bombs the entire time. Snow Drift has been conquered (1bar server as always!!)

invasion of snow drift2invasion of snow drift4

invasion of snow drift1 invasion of snow drift3 invasion of snow drift5

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend



4 Responses

  1. Why do you stage battles on 1 bar servers?

  2. So, given that you’ve successfully twisted my words for the 90th time this month, I feel as if I should say this to you: I really, really don’t think sitting around in a line for 95% of the battle designates a tactical victory, and since we were larger than you in the final 10 minutes, I find it odd how you think you won this one.

  3. > sits in same line for 26/30 minutes
    > “we had great tactics”


    • We didn’t sit in the SAME line since we bombed you guys multiple times, and our line isn’t our tactics, it’s our formation. Our tactics were those little emotes!1!

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