Upcoming Battles!

Hello, Troops!

We are at war with the evil Nacho army! We need as many troops as possible to attend the upcoming battles! We must defeat all evil in order to protect Club Penguin, so that is what we shall do.

Note: If you don’t know your timezone click HERE

Invasion of Mukluk [UK/USA] ❗

Saturday, August 23rd

Mukluk, Town


3:00pm EST

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

8:00pm UK

||Goal: 70+||

➡ The more events you attend, the higher the chance of defeating evil and the higher chance of getting a promotion!

Comment if you can come!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


19 Responses

  1. 1. No
    2. Maybe
    3. No
    4. Yes
    5. No
    6. Yes
    7. Yes

  2. hey

  3. Maybe sled
    defo snowdrift
    maybe deep snow
    not down under
    maybe brumby
    defo Antarctic
    defo mukluk

  4. I can come to all! Lets do this Doritos!!!!!

  5. i can come

  6. I’ll attend most UK

  7. Coming to all
    R.I.P. Nachos

  8. 1. Maybe
    2. Yup!
    3. Maybe
    4. No
    5. Maybe
    6. No
    7. Yup
    -Sluggy, Shrek and Mossy-

  9. All AUS: No
    Snow Drift: Probably/Yes
    Down Under: Maybe
    Antarctic: Yes
    Mukluk: Yes
    *I might be going on vacation on Thursday. If I do then Antarctic and Mukluk are both no.

  10. Can attend all except AUSIA

  11. None of them.

  12. coming to the all of the rest except the down under invasion

  13. 20th

  14. sup

  15. I invaded deep snow

  16. yes i can come

  17. -_-

  18. hi everyone im noor and IAM BACK ON DCP YAYAYAY

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