Owner / Leader Position(s) available!

Hello, Troops! 

I’m going to get straight to the point, Bam ditched when he found out Me, West, and Jester were the only ones active in DCP (not like he did anything anyway). So we’re hiring 3 new owners and a new leader. Contact me on Chat if you feel like you’re ready for a position.

Note: If any inactive owners want to reclaim their position they must reclaim it before someone else is chosen, otherwise the position will be filled.

Mustapha, West






Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


10 Responses

  1. Id be up for it. Though Im only a sarge XD

    • Pippy, you’d be a fantabulous owner! 🙂 Also, you should choose, Moospie, Jake, Toress and Mossy cos they all did the owner competion and stuff and really wanted it to continue. (BTW: Maybe not Mossy cos she did mess it up quite a bit. xD)

  2. Ok:)

  3. 😀

  4. how do we become a owner

  5. I think i`m ready for owner because I did great when I was temp owner on July 22 when you were gone Musta. Even West let me had a go at it and I did great! I only missed 2 events out of the week which isn`t that bad. You can tell me if im ready or or not on chat ok Musta? Thanks, ~Moospie~

    • Yup, Moospie would be fantabulous at owner. But, maybe, could I give it a go? I did 4/5 days of the week me and Toress had but of course, you and the others came back so we didn’t get the full week. But I think I did okay (For meh anyway) and maybe could you talk to meh on the chat about it? I made 2/3 events by the way I think. Can ya talk to me on the chat please? Thanks Musta

      • Again, I understand if I’m not ready… Sorry to sound a bit eager. But Moospie would be fab. 😀

      • Mustaaaaa if you see mah comment, Please give Mossy/Toothless a go at owner. She has been loyal to dcp for aagessss and I think she should get a reward ❤

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