Powder Ball is Na-cho server!

Hello, Troops!

The silly Nachos maxed like once 5 again and we annihilated them. They logged off at the 15 minute mark which gives us an auto-win. We have successfully invaded Powderball (1 bar server).

 Good job Doritos! 

invasion of powderball13 invasion of powderball2 invasion of powderball6 invasion of powderball14lwpKnvPBeOa8B2

Until later,

March On!

Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


5 Responses


  2. I was there – Ryan, DCP 4 ic

  3. i was there and we rekt the randys ;3 – ZeKingOfFoxes (cat tail 3)

  4. Mustapha and Bam, can we please have a 3-way. I’ll be on bottom, the middle or off to the side if you want. Make sure you either 1. Pull out fast or 2. use protection. I don’t want a mixed racial baby.

  5. That was a bit of a fail on the nachos part…

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