Yall Nachos Need Puckley

Hello, Troops!

In this post I will show evidence of the Nachos multilogging and pretty much expose the stupidity of the infamous Nachos leader, Beeky.

 So first off, the chips clashed at the first legitimate AUSIA battle  where the Nachos admitted defeat. That day, we noticed the Nachos had around 3 on chat up until the event began. Then Nacho owners woke up and got onto the chat; at this point Nachos had around 8 on chat. It stayed that way until the battle ended. However, the Nachos somehow had 12 on CP throughout the entire battle. So we came to the conclusion that the Nachos were in fact multi-logging for that event. If they have no problem mult-ilogging for an AUSIA event, then who knows how much they’ve multi-logged considering the fact that only 3 owners were on for that event.

Everything I said above can be backed up by pictures and by the own video Nachos posted on their website which can be found HERE

Nachos chat size half way through the AUSIA battle

Nachos chat size half way through the AUSIA battle

Now, onto the next part of my post. (i’ll just be pointing out how unintelligent some clown named Beeky is)

At today’s battle, not only did we outnumber the evil Nachos, but we also outperformed them. Yet, we still have the Nachos claiming victory… So I decided to confront their leader, which later proved to be really mentally ill. So, pretty much what happened was, the Nachos sent their troops into the room early, not only by giving out the next rooms location but by ordering their troops to enter beforehand. Then, their leader Beeky writes a post on DCP site saying we entered the rooms early and yet provides no evidence.


^^^Nacho troop saying nachos multi log^^^

So who exactly is “all talk, no walk” ???

Nice excuse to enter rooms early, especially when we didn’t enter rooms early and your OWN video proves that again! (Nachos are probably never going to record their events again LOL)

I find this part extremely funny, and hopefully you do too. So, then says the Nachos won this battle because in one of our rooms we only did one formation. I had a hard time getting to understand this idiots logic. So, during our conversation he acknowledged the fact that DCP was larger than Nachos and that we had perfect tactics. However, he believes none of that plays a role in who’s victorious; what he believes is that the factor that differentiates between a win and a loss is how many formations you did in one of the battle rooms.

Looks like you couldn’t back up all your conceited, arrogant, and impudent posts today, or any other day of the war. 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


21 Responses

  1. lol wreckt

  2. Lol, you’ve successfully twisted my words. I never said that DCP outperformed us at all – and if you’re the implication that I did say that, then there really is something wrong with you.

  3. Haha we have the evidence!!
    nice one mustapha 🙂

  4. Any comment made by mingmouse was acc made by me, Pippio, but that was my wordpress name.

  5. Just because they were proven to multilog doesnt really mean anything Lol

  6. im stupid

  7. Its like dcp knows everything we do they’re always posting something “evil” about us :/

  8. What did we do that was evil to start all this? Y’all doritos need to calm yo selves

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