Hello, Troops!

Today we totally crushed the Nachos and we sent them cring. Beeky claims victory because “we sat in a circle at the ice berg”. Apparently, he thinks that if an army is bigger than you and superior in tactics… they can still lose cause they sat in a circle in one of the rooms.

invasion of blizzard7 invasion of blizzard26invasion of blizzard25invasion of blizzard20 invasion of blizzard21invasion of blizzard18 invasion of blizzard14invasion of blizzard13 invasion of blizzard11 invasion of blizzard17

Good job Doritos, we have defeated evil today! Lets ensure that we have many more battles like this!

Comment for your promotions!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


14 Responses

  1. Made it there!

  2. And yes, I was on steroids. Jkjk

  3. I was told to comment here for promotion so yeh i attented, im pippio. im the one who had the turtle in my hand. I know it says im mingmouse but thts my wordpress.. Im Pippio. thx.

  4. i came ~Moospie~

  5. i can come all hopefully

  6. I attended

  7. I attended but I can’t get a promotion because i was locked out with like 5 other troops…

  8. i attened Promotiosn please

  9. I came and we rekt the nachos ;3 drown the nachos in cheese!

  10. I came and we rekt the nachos ;3 we drowned them in cheese

  11. Here I am, my name used to be mingmouse in here but I changed name for less confusion.

  12. i made it, and im currently captain or something

  13. I made it, and I posted a comment. But I didn’t get a promo. I’m currently Major, waiting for Colonel.

  14. its great all armies are starting to hate nachos since they are known as “cyberbullies” in the club penguin world

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