Hello, Troops!

First of all, the top 10 was released. Regardless of their results, we are the number 1 army. The legends returned friday night, had a 10 hour notice battle (which mainly included everyone being asleep), and we still managed to move up 3 spots on the top 10. However, this couldn’t of been done without Meta, West, and Kingdra.

Secondly, we have recently posted OUR offensive in this war. Any invasions by the Nachos this week will be invalid / considered as raids and will not count towards the war score. Both DCP and Nachos have agreed on this.

[click to enlarge]

[click to enlarge]

Keep up the good work Doritos! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


2 Responses

  1. nice job DCP! Lets beat the Nachos in the invasions, get sizes of 48+, then get super high spots in the CPAC top 10!

  2. It’s nice to actually have a chance to make reasonable decisions with someone in this community. Hope this war turns out fine.

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