Regards to “Ddosing Threats” and Mongrels

Hello all DCP, Allies and other mongrels It’s bam here. Good job today, just make sure to be faster doing tactics those pesky nachos are always lurking in the chat. Anyways naturally the nachos decided to release response posts and accusations after the battle pretty much trying to accuse of us everything (I would call this low balling) 

This picture came up first (because nachos are trying to low ball and pull shit out of there ass)



Gingersnap is a newly returning former troop of DCP, and he does infact have a temper but any DDOSING or other “hacking threats” have never happened and WON’T happen. In this conversation clearly ringed for nachos. But I’d love to see this full conversation because clearly this Nacho ownered intemidated our beloved gingersnap and even offended DCP as a whole.

Though the Nachos are being very childish with there insults and try to piss some of our troops off, Again I will reconfirm this DCP has nothing to do with and or WILL any kind of DDOSING(distributed denial of service) or any other kind of “bad stuff”

In other news the same exact owner who cried BS about DCP also posted up some meme’s responding to my previous post, I thought was quite funny but very inaccurate. Good try though

DCP was created in 2010, Thus meaning it has been alive for 4 years- Thanks for the push though. Also maxing 25 is pretty funny too because im pretty sure every single time i’ve lead DCP we’ve maxed more than 25. Sorry “Irish” just because no one knows who you are doesn’t mean the same with me.

 photo War-Faces_zps1c57ec9b.png

Since aparently I’ve never maxed more than 25 in the past “5” years i thought i’d put in a few pics.

And Nachos most recent failure.

Anyways onward to my post!

After they got done trying to cut me and my “5” years of leading they decided to bash Mustapha10? Yeah you know the leader who has been on vacation for a month and a half? Funny isn’t it, they declare war over him saying there going to destroy him over the internet even making a “un fun” war. Thats amazing considering “Big Musty” hasn’t even been on xat for a month. This must be there “secret plan for muusta” 1!! Oh no i hope they dont burn down my Estate filled with painting of Puckley naked!! Or maybe they’ll use there amazing ausia force and terrible meme’s to destroy musta’s DCP, Even though he’s not here?

Nachos master to plan to defeat Big Musty’s DCP = Wait till Big Musty is gone then ATTACK then talk shit? Amazing job beeky I can’t imagine how much that private post was thought about 😉 Speaking of Beeky i’d like to personally invite ALL TROOPS TO MAKE SOME OF THERE OWN BAD LUCK BEEKY MEME’S!

The most recent ones added



Omg some of these are just fantastic, anyways before making meme’s try to get atleast SOME background on us. My sources come from beyond you’res come from BED BATH AND BEYOND!!! OHHHH

Worst. Joke. Ever.

Anyways take it easy guys and Stay tuned! Those mongrels are out there!






8 Responses

  1. We don’t need to “pull **** out of our ***” when we max 10 more than you guys do. It was just unfortunate that those threats were made by your side on top of the beating we gave you guys on CP.

    • The fact that you guys leach on to everything in hopes to “humiliate” us is astounding

      • How is it OUR fault that your troops make retarded threats out of rage? Of course we’re going to make things like that known.

  2. So, you don’t think your memes are equally as ignorant?

  3. Lmfao this is why im retired everyone gets too involved and caught up Lol and I mean caught up with CP Armies and war shenanigans 😛 (Wary)

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