Your Knife’s Edge is Dull/Brand New Alliance

Hello CP Army Community and whomever this may concern,

The Nachos, who have recently hit 30 a few times (shocker), think they’re all big and bad now. Recently, they have declared war on us. Come, let us take a look at some of their post.

Example number one:

The Nachos do not declare “fun” wars.

When we declare war on your army, it’s for one of two very practical reasons:

1. We don’t like you

2. You’ve provoked us

Wow man, that’s some scary stuff. You declare war because you don’t like us? That’s pretty cute. I had no clue your relevancy to this community mattered so much that you can pick and choose what armies you declare war on because you may or may not like them.

Now here’s what I would like to ask you. In what way, shape, or form have we provoked you? Let’s take a closer look at their reasoning for war. Shall we?

When we mod one of your leaders on our chat, and then he goes off on a banning spree and sends half of our members to a place where they don’t belong, what exactly did you expect us to do in retaliation?

And who might that leader be you ask? Well, according to the Nachos, that leader is none other than Mustapha10. Musta, how could you do such a thing?!?

But wait a minute. there’s a perfectly valid reason as to why that is all bull shit! See ladies and gentlemen, Mustapha has been away for quite some time now. And guess what. He has no access to his computer! And trust me, Mustapha isn’t pathetic enough to go find access to a computer just so he can go around banning your troops. So that’s reason one as to why you’re gassed up on all of them nachos you idiots eat.

Moving forward, lame excuse number 2:

Like RPF a few short weeks ago, we have confirmation that DCP had been organizing a war against us, and were set to announce their declaration on the first of August.

Now, I would LOVE to see some of that confirmation you have. I certainly have never once discussed declaring war on anyone. the rest of my leaders sure as hell haven’t either. Wait let me guess; Mustapha was the one that was going to declare war you you, wasn’t he? Oh Nachos, you guys are so smart. Now I have no clue what RPF was up to, but that’s none of my business. These may be two of the dumbest, most invalid, without any credible sources, reasons to declare war on an army. I really do laugh at your pathetic reasons. Moving on:

So, in preparation for your frightening 15 man invasion force, we’ve decided to make the first move and begin invading now.

Beeky, please, just stop right there. This is coming from the man who has lead an army for what, two years now? And he is JUST finally maxing 30. You’re an amazing leader Beeky, bravo to you!

Now, let’s go back to that “15 man invasion force” you were talking about. Beeky, since you were leading for a while, let’s take a trip down memory lane. It was around this time last year, maybe a little earlier. Legend’s Cup IV. Probably some of the greatest series of battles I’ve witnessed in my career in CP Armies. Now, do you remember that time we completely destroyed you in the quarter finals? I certainly do. Let’s look at the very cocky words your old friend and leader Edd had to say about us:

Wow, that was quite a battle. Beeky, I actually have to thank you for letting me remember those days. Now, do you really want to relive one of those dreadful moments you had against us? Without Puckly to carry your ass, you’re just a pathetic excuse of a leader. You were back then, and you are now. So do everyone a favor. Get your head out of your ass, and calm down with your huge ego just because you finally started to hit 30+ a couple of times.

My final bit to the Nachos. You have awoken the giant while he’s sleeping. You know damn well you’re not supposed to do that. The war-machine that DCP is is now kicking over into full-throttle. This is not going to be your typical war. I will not accept any treaty. Nachos, when you get over yourselves and admit defeat to the mighty Dorito Empire, that is when this war will be over. This will be the worst decision you fools have ever made. Your knife’s edge is dull, Nachos. And you know you’re not supposed to bring a knife to a gun fight. The end is near for your pathetic army.

Now, as it is mentioned in the title of the post, we have gained a brand new ally. We are now officially Brother Allies with currently the strongest army that our community has to offer. Troops, welcome your new friends the

Dark Warriors

That’s right, the Dark Warriors. In the past, the two of us have walked on a rocky road. But today we have now put aside our differences. We both recognize our goals within this community. We want to be the best. Together, we will work with each other in hopes to reach that goal.

Toy, I’m writing this paragraph separate for you. As long-time friends, it truly makes me happy that you and I will once again be working together. The two of us will work together and bring down any force who tries to stop us.

Troops, it’s time we drop everything we’re doing right now. From this day on, the Doritos will once more reach World Power status. And I intend on keeping that way for a long time. We have quite a journey ahead of us, but together, we can accomplish anything. Nachos, or who ever the hell thinks that they can get in our way, I would love to see you try and fail. That is all for now, have a wonderful day everyone.

Lord West, Doritos of CP Main Leader & Legend.


2 Responses

  1. It bothers me the fact you say “Evil nachos” when you can tell were evil anyways but who cares evil isnt as bad as you would expect

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