Announcing my Return- The future to Come

Greetings DCP,

I returned from Pennsylvania a few days ago, but I am now announcing my return to the leadership of the Doritos. It seems that sometime when I was gone Mustapha10 left the army for what people seem to be saying is his vacation. I am proud of the leaders and the troops of this army for not panicking. The strength of this great army is truly being shown by the will of our people to keep this army alive despite the legend that has held this army together for well over a year being absent. Preparations for what will come after the era of Painsta10 will be made when the time is appropriate. Mustapha10 will return to us, and he will resume his rightful position. He is not gone forever and is certainly not retired. All promises written in The Awakening IV: Painsta10 post will be kept. This army will be the unrivaled ruler of all CP Warfare.

To make this dream come true we need YOU the troops of this great army to contribute as much as you can. You need to be on the computer whenever it is possible for you to do so. We need the most active troops in CP Armies. You need to be recruiting, getting all of your friends and whoever else you can to join the army. Many armies in this community are regaining power, the effect of summer is certainly upon us. The largest storm in all of CP Armies is coming upon us, I have seen it in my vision for the future. The war to end all tyranny in this community. This brings me to a subject of which that has not been made clear to anyone in this army. The Doritos of Club Penguin is no longer allies with the corrupt Army of CP. The Army of CP from the beginning of the history of the Doritos has only been a curse on our great empire. We have taken steps in order to gain new allies. These individuals who we now put our trust in will help us as much as we help them, unlike our former alliance with ACP. Now that the alliance with ACP has been ended, other armies will certainly change their opinion of us in a good way. My regular activity in this army will resume, and our power will be 100 fold what it currently is. That is all for now.



5 Responses

  1. By “you troops” you mean “you slaves”?

    • We wouldn’t join to be a slave. Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work. We aren’t forced to be in DCP. We have a choice.

  2. […] He was the Doritos leader for a while before disappearing. But now he’s back. Here’s an excerpt from his post. You can read his full post here: […]

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