xiunknown continues raging

Hello, Troops! 

This kid thinks he’s all tough stuff because Toy told him a bunch of lies! Lets see what he says in his post. Oh I was carried by Toy? You called me one of the best leaders ever because I got 50+ and I added that pic to my retirement post!1!(this was before toy even became leader) Are you stupid or are you stupid? Oh and lets not forget how when I retired from DCP and Toy was left to lead with Alf.. DCP fell from 2nd to 9th. Wow, he must’ve carried the army man! Last thing I can remember is me going inactive and DCP falling, and when I returned recruiting wasn’t enforced as we weren’t even motivated. The nonsense you speak of is like me saying “Fort carried Oagalthorp”

If Toy was really something special then why would I kick him out of DCP? Lol, don’t be full of yourself and talk nonsense. I’m obviously not obsessed with DW. If anyone’s obsessed with DW it’s you. I remember you making a post on DW like last week saying you’re leaving and won’t be around anymore yet I still see you every single day. SaW, Ambrosha, and any other legend with a brain doesn’t even want their army to be ran by idiots. You and Freezie have ruined DW forever and you know it. Toy can make you think that I DDoSed him, cussed on your chat, or whatever, but I never have. That roundand*** link that you showed is linked on DCP chat every single day. You don’t even know what you got DW into, now you’ve given reason for the destruction of your idiotic army. You’ve made a fool of yourself, so don’t go any further. Anyways thanks for the motivation, I haven’t seen DCP chat size this big in a while.

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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  1. LOLZ

    WELL, NOW I KNOW……..

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