Summit, Defended!

Hello, Troops! 

Today we logged on and defeated the notorious Dark Side. I’m prepared for an accusation off of DW’s list already. The [defend]ers defend, and the [attack]ers attack. This is nothing new. We surpassed DW’s months of hard work in moments notice, now we must take their capital.  We fought for what was rightfully ours today, and we won. Yesterday we had a week-notice event and we maxed 18, today we had a 24 hour notice event and maxed 35+, this just goes to show how great we are when we’re united.

The beast has awoken.

defense i defense h defense jdefense kdefense f defense d

Promotions for everyone who attended!

Good job Doritos!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


10 Responses

  1. i camee

  2. I came.

  3. I went to the battle as well as ilovedorito cuz mods kept banning my accs D:<<

  4. We have proof of the Doritos using the RPF, there is no “excuse.”
    Also, DCP maxed 30, while DW maxed 45-50.

    • There was only 1 Gold, and we found way more than one RPF there.
      Good job violating the war rules.

    • Dear uh- Agent 11 dude,
      Well you guys technically broke the rules if there was a gold too even if there was ONE. That doesn’t mean you are right if we had like what you said “us using 6 RPF.” Also as you said, “NO EXCUSES!” and I will follow that. You had a Gold member. Doesn’t matter. NO EXCUSES! And who cares if you maxed 45-50 while we maxed 30? We saw BARELY ANY of you guys at the beach. And for all of you who are like, “Oh well I mean the defenders are OBVIOUSLY supposed to attack the invaders~” Well think of it like sports. Offensive side (you guys obviously) and defense (Us obviously) We defend the goals while you guys try to score. You just never came (and you know it)! Maybe you did have 45-50 (I have no right to say you are lying because I didn’t really see your army and I have no time to count your members in the pics). But you wasted the effort by not coming to the beach. BTW, you guys have TERRIBLE sportsmanship in my opinion atleast 🙂

      Thanks for the Excuses,
      WhiteWinters and Pizzatable

      PS: This is a dayum long comment O_O I better stop

  5. So proud of this gr8 family

  6. My dad wouldn’t get of the computer until 8:26pm but I still come even when I could have not cared. How come I’m still 4ic.

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