Freezie, I chose my path

If you’ve united with Elmikey, Freezie, then I’ll unite with Mustapha. The Freezie I knew would fight Elmikey instead of joining him with that kind of logic.  I will continue to serve justice and I will remove the fool off of the face of DW. Talking to Elmikey will never work, instead he’ll just use me like an action figure again and then coup me behind my back.

Even if I’m being used by Mustapha which I doubt, the least thing is that I will get to destroy Elmikey and do what I should’ve been doing WAYYY long ago.

I rather take the traitor’s way instead of being used toilet paper by Elmikey. You may be brainwashed but I’m not.

I want to ask you another question or 2 , Freezie






I have always had a lot of respect to you – because of that one era in DW. But the thing is, I have a goal, and that goal is to destroy the menace Elmikey. 

Elmikey is the true menace of Club Penguin Armies. He sets a bad example as a “Leader” to new recruits in DW, he’s a manipulator, a LIAR. He’s the power-munching egotistical fool in DW and I’ve realized this ever since he was in the Rebel Penguin Federation.

My hatred for Elmikey wasn’t because of the popularity belief; It was because he was everything I just listed above. But – for him to join one of my favorite armies as Leader, was COMPLETELY disgusting. Ever since Elmikey joined DW as Leader at that day, you’ve changed. You completely backstabbed all your friends, veterans, and loyal troops just for the one person that I and many others previously never wanted, Elmikey. It felt like as if he completely brainwashed you and took control over you that day, and what was worse that It was my best friend who turned into something like a damn Monster.

So, as if Elmikey controlling DW wasn’t enough, he managed to even turn people against me, and one of them is Final Chaser. At this point, I knew I had to do something but I kept quiet about this ever since.

You let an RPF reject run the army that was once loved, and Freezie, have you forgotten why we were in a cold war against Elmikey and his RPF? Did you forget why the Spreezie era in DW was successful? it’s because we had fun, something you barely have in Modern DW. Even then, we had 65+ against his army, and despite that we lost, It was undeniably one of the best era’s in DW simply because it was fun.

Although I gave Elmikey a second chance in DW, I had the opportunity of leading the lost-cause DW. I had second thoughts of Elmikey; I thought he wasn’t actually an evil guy. But a week later, after achieving the same sizes (65+), I was moving – and when I came back , I was found to be couped.

I was really pissed; beyond angry. I knew I should have never trusted Elmikey and his diabolical ways. I asked for the reason for why I was couped,

And do you want to know what was the reason?

So I want to ask you, WOULD YOU PUT UP WITH THIS? I sure wouldn’t. After Toysoldier told me the direct truth, I knew what I had to do – I am going to destroy Elmikey without having a third thought, with Mustapha and the other DCP Leaders.

After reading what Toy said, I realized that Elmikey manipulates other people to do his work. Freezie, I’d like to also mention that before we returned in DW, Elmikey was inactive and he chose to be advisor in DW instead. Yet when we return, Elmikey becomes active again all of a sudden and says he is still Leader.

I joined the Doritos with Mustapha because this was the closest army to go against Elmikey and DW, and it seemed like a promising army too with It’s great administration and members.

I chose the path of freedom,

I chose the path of truth,

I chose the path of going against manipulation,

And since you side with Elmikey, I have no choice.

I will do anything it takes to stop Elmikey, whether It ranges from losing friends in DW to destroying my reputation with the attempts I’ll have.


As always,

Spi101 — Doritos of CP Leader


10 Responses

  1. LOL elmikey is so dumb

  2. He wants dark warriors dead, yet he leads them? @#$#. ( Sorry ) The only thing that I’m grateful for that is from him is that he recruited me. Mustapha, West, Gingersnap, Every troop or owner or mod, he was the one who caught my attention. Somehow he convinced me to get into a army when I always hated the fact of war. I’m just glad that I’m here right now because if Elmikey was not recruiting in CP at April? My excitement would disappear.

  3. Good job, you lost someone as a friend who always supported LT because we were best friends and I cared about you keeping LT successful. (Golds + LT alliance).

    • You know, some of your points may be right, some may be wrong. But it doesn’t mean Elmikey is always as rational as you thought he was.
      If you don’t know how to post events, then you shouldn’t be DW leader. It’s as simple as that.

    • Spi. I won’t let you do this alone, what you need is an ice warrior for help… and that ice warrior would be me. Let’s take down Elmikey.

  4. You tell ’em Spi! i am pretty new to this army and never been in one before, I never heard of Elmikey (xD) but he doesn’t sound like a leader I want…

  5. Wise words son, Elmikey is his own hitler.

  6. great post spi i actually read the whole thing

  7. Ah, glad to have you part of the “couped because I don’t like your event schedule” club. See if you can beat my record of 4.

  8. this is all truth,and because i stayed with Elm for a year,i know how i he is,i was manipulated by him unfortunately,he said i am good to be Warlord,but after 1 week when i shared my OWN opinion that i didnt wanted to make anyone feel bad,he deleted my rank,i pleased to him to put me a member rank wich is close to mod,he did,but it was unfair.

    i got into DW ranks too,i was like “why no 2 armyes?people do even 4!” then he got couped and joined DW,i was like OH SNAP (PS: i changed my nickname on DW).i wanted to kill him.i wanted to hold him by his little a**hole throat (sorry for swear :/ ) until he dies.

    I actually started the coup as i can see,i was the first misthreated,then that dude Tompenguin THEN OTHER MODS and after,the finishing move: Lil and Snaily fired,that was the end of his era,Pj did a rebellion,and i got on his rebellion as the nickname “Alex34567890”,i was the same,but other registered acc,and i participated the rebellion on my spare peng. now he is in DW,that stupid army hopper

    Who in the Hell would want him dead,anyway?oh wait,dem brainwashed dude,as i was unfortunately too,but i seen “the light”

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