Final Tournament Battle Results

Hello, Troops! 

As you can see, almost every single owner / leader was knocked offline by the Dark Warriors during this event. We couldn’t even lead it, only Pain was here to lead it. He did a good job at leading, but if the Owners / Leaders were able to get troops to chat, log on, give orders, and lead.. It might of been the very factor that would of turned the tables and gave us the victory. In reality, we didn’t really prepare for this event all week. When we really pushed it is 1 hour before the battle began. We got the chat size from 10+ to 30+ and then we started getting booted offline. We weren’t expecting any ddosing as it hasn’t happened in DCP anytime recently. If ACP really thinks they have what it takes, we should have a rematch. 

And to all those who tried saying “DW was having an event during our battle” I have some very important information that may blow your minds: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to click a button while on CP at the same time.

While people whisper our success and broadcast our failures, it only gives us reason to be motivated.

finaletournament finals


Promotions for everyone who attended! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


3 Responses

  1. F You guys. ACP RULEZ.

  2. At every room change and when the results were about to be given my laptop froze even though it is very fast. I’m quite sure it was DW

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