CPAC Tourney – RPF obliterated

Hello, Troops! 

I am absolutely astonished. Today I was beyond amazed. You guys handed it to RPF and let them have it, there was no stopping you guys. Even without me, Bam, Wwe, or anyone else here. You guys didn’t lose morale, faith, or motivation for even the slightest second. You didn’t even second guess yourselves. This army is amazing, and has been through hell and back. You’ve proven that it’s our time to shine. We’re going to the final round of the tournament, we must give it our 100% BEST. This is our chance to finally win a tournament.

I’m ready to make history, are you? 

dorito tourney19dorito tourney17 dorito tourney15dorito tourney8DORITO TOURNEY7dorito tourney5 dorito tourney3

You guys made it to the final round of an entire tournament when everyone else thought this great army would die. You’ve proved everyone wrong, but most importantly you have ensured that the diamond age is not over. 


70 Doritos for everyone who attended!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


3 Responses

  1. i came and first

  2. Came 🙂 Bang Bang Doritos Gang

  3. I CAME TOO 😀

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