Results of PB/Defense on Summit

Hello troops,

Today, we had an unexpected defense along with a planned practice battle.

Unfortunately, ACP logged onto Mammoth instead, and DW was “too small” so they logged off proving that we won. 




Thank you to the troops who sent me these pictures, they are great!

Sizes Reached: 40+

Tactics Rate: 10/10

Server: Summit (1 Bar)

Club Penguin crashed on every one of us (everyone on every server) so we had to log off about 15 minutes into the event, sadly.

Great job, DCP. 



55 Doritos for everyone who attended!



8 Responses

  1. I came.

  2. I came.

  3. I came (SMIRK)

  4. DCP needs to send more emails about battles in advance because it’s like I’m getting ready to go to the beach and then I get an email saying there is a battle right now. If you do what I said, then a lot more people will come to battles. And get the times right like, I got an email at the beginning of the week saying there was a battle on Wednesday at 5:00 PST and today I got an email at 2:00 saying battle right now while I was busy. Also, we need practice.

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  5. Whos that sexy dude in the middle of the first pic?

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