History: The Oldest Generation

To be quite honest…

When I first started this Generation of The Doritos, I had no idea what the hell I was doing, or what I was getting myself into. Freshly, and permanently couped from the Leadership of The Night Warriors for the first, and final time, I was looking for revenge… and something to do with my newly found spare time. So the search began. At first, I tried creating my own army, “The Matterhorn Federation” I thought I had it right, and man, was I wrong. So after so many failures I came across this site, The Doritos Army of Club Penguin. I had previously been a leader here before (hehe bribery) and I saw WWE’s cry for help “Looking for someone experienced to revive DCP” and lemme tell ya, I was first in line (Don’t listen to 13yearoldnoob, he’s a liar) and here I was, the new, and fresh leader of the great Doritos Army. My first order of business was to recruit the best of the best of the best of the best for leadership, and since I was kind of stuck with 13, I decided to hire some great people by the names of Samra, and Paco. This was possibly one of my worst mistakes, due to the fact that no one got along. When 13 was on, it was the long run plan to coup Samra, and when Samra was on, it was the long run plan to coup everyone, and lemme tell ya, it did not end how either one wanted it to… Then comes the true hero to the equation, Mustapha10 came back from the dead, generously asking to rejoin DCP for 2ic, in which I gave him L.I.T. He was the one. Musta, is probably one of the greatest things to come of this generation. He is litteraly the life blood of the army, and without him, I don’t know where we would be today. But anyways, this is getting besides the point. My second order of business was to get recruits, and boy did I have just the plan. Not only did I steal every single troop from NW to join DCP,  I stole everyones troops, and then some! I probably spent 10 hours at a time recruiting people from chats all over the xatosphere, and after that, I would go recruit on club penguin (this is before the auto typers era) for hours at a time. This is probably one of the main reasons we’re still here, our recruiting techniques are relentless, if i wasn’t eating or sleeping, I was on here recruiting for the army. Our first major war is probaby one that we should’ve lost.  It was against the then, first place ranking army;  SWAT. They maxed about 30 or so troops, and they were all jerks. This is also where Samra turned to when she was couped, and is the reason she remains on the hall of shame. This was a war that not only showed me what it took to be a leader, but also a war that you would never wanted to have taken place if you were in my position, but that’s straying afar once again, but we made it.

Part 2: Settling Down A bit…

After a while, things began to settle down, the leaders were kind of set in stone, the main players in our ball field were all getting along, and we had finally found the perfect match of an enemy; The Hot Sh** Army. (Uh. I mean, Hot Sauce Army…) this wasn’t just any old army, this was an army purposefully created to take on, or take down DCP. This was when battles were strictly fun, and this was one of DCP’s highest points. We not only won the war, but we had some hilarious propaganda.

Exhibit A

Although Kudos to HSA for putting up a great fight, I think we all know who won this battle;)

Another great enemy of ours was Aaron’s UMA (OOHMA) who also  lost to the Doritos MainLand Forces…

Part 3: Tensions Be Arisin

After multiple threats from one another to coup each other, and a slow but sure deterioration of the army, 13yearoldnoob was couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, and finally couped, then re-instated. Although a major waste of time, A large pissing match was finally solved; Let’s Coup Carter 😀 So Carter was couped…. then re-instated…. couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, couped, then re-instated, and finally couped, then re-instated. Most of the coups were for some pretty lame reasons, such as “You stink so gtfo my army bish” or because I stole 13yearoldnoobs books, or more famously, tried to coup Mustapha multiple times for trying to coup 13, or me, while at the same time couping 13 and threatening to quit. Either way,  this was a waste of our potential, and I hope we’ve all learned from this.

Part 4: Some other famous Moments in our history

Order 100

Refusal to enact the “Patriot Enactment” (I mean who the fuck names a law after themselves anyways…)

When all of our leaders decided to *pretend to recruit* and *pretend to show up to battles*

The HSA propaganda Post

The Desperate attempts at getting people to get off their asses and do something productive

A Pain in the *ss (literally)


When SWAT thought that former leaders who made treaties didn”t count

A tour of the Doritos Army of Club Penguins White House/Headquarters

When encouragement is the best you can do

There will be more to come for this post, it is a work in progress, and your input on what to add is welcome. It will soon be a page, and everyone that has been a part of this generation will recieve a dedication, and an honorary medal.

President Carter

Former Doritos Main Leader


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