Epic Battle on Summit Results

Hello, Troops!

Today we logged onto Summit (1-bar as always) to battle the Ice Warriors. We received a surprise attack from the Nachos which didn’t go unanswered. We defeated both IW and Nachos combined. We went from getting a few troops online (on Thursday) to getting over 40 online today. That goes to show that hard work pays off and that we got back onto our feet as a family. I am proud of you all. United we stand, Divided we fall. 

battle w iw8battle w iw 4battle w iw11battle w iw10


40 Doritos for everyone who came!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


23 Responses

  1. Look at that epicness

  2. Well done to everyone who came! Be proud of yourselves and everyone else because I sure am proud of y’all

  3. You actually didn’t beat the Nachos, as it was a raid… Raids cannot be won or lost. Furthermore, (Look at me using the big connectives, you should try it sometime) you didn’t max 40. The only reason you say that is because of the amount of Orange in the Picture, and guess what – That’s because the Nachos were their.

    • Every single Nacho was wearing a sombrero and you’re all red
      DCP’s orange!

      • Our T-shirts were Orange and the T-Shirts shined through to contribute to some of the Orange in the picture. I appreciate you having a civil debate with me, rather then trying to swear and flame me. I respect that by the way.

  4. you know whats sad? half of the people in there are nachos or dorito allies

      • idk, i see vo yo straight out the bat, people with sombereros in the town, and a lot less dcp in the plaza

      • I see 2 people with Sombreros in the town and they’re red.. And show me where Vo Yo is, I don’t see him.. Unless you’re talking about Master Yo Yo. We already had the town circled 30 minutes before the battle began and what do you expect when there’s 3 armies in 1 room and when we’ve been on for an hour and 30 minutes?

    • DCP didn’t use allies at all, provide proof or stop talking.
      Nachos are red, DCP’s orange. Are you colorblind or..?

    • Benag, listen here you incompetent little kid. You and your annoyance in this community must come to an end, when will you realize that nobody here likes you? You are a nuisance. We had 40 in that picture, not counting any red penguins. Now i’m starting to feel bad for you, you may have down syndrome.

  5. I came

  6. I came. It was fantastic. We even surprise attacked them after the battle! 😀

  7. There is absolutely NO way you guys had 40 online. 30 at best.

  8. I partially came,so I get 20 instead of 40. Simple

  9. I came to most of it.

  10. I came

  11. You have to be pretty color blind to not notice the difference between an orange penguin, and a red one. Stop commenting on our site and stop crying to us. We don’t care.

  12. I may be able but please don’t be mad if I don’t come I’ll try to come every battle I can

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