Introduction as Leader

Hello everyone! As you may or may not have heard, (start checking site then) I am now part of the leadership here at DCP. Please, continue if you wish to know some more about me. Well I’m West, or Lord West as you’ll see on DCP chat. I feel like I am a nice, kind person and great to get to know. I started playing CP around 5 or 6 years ago, along with me finding out about Xat that same time ago. I didn’t find DCP until the summer of 2012. I was introduced to it by probably my best friend I have ever come across on Xat; Samra. She convinced me to come to this chat for Doritos and I decided to as I was bored and figured why not? Well thanks to her it was one of my best decisions. It didn’t take long until I was added onto ranks as a Warrant Officer. Now seeing how I get easily distracted by things like that, I thought it was probably one of the coolest things I have ever heard of. After a few days on the chat I decided I liked it there and I would stay. Now at this time Alfrondo was one the leaders and would also go on to become one of my best friends in the CP community. He was the one who gave me the Warrant Officer rank, and it didn’t take him long to notice my activeness and loyalty to the army. He eventually made me lowest mod in the army. Now as great as I thought I had it, it didn’t take long until I stopped going onto DCP chat and Xat in general. I did this because of football during Freshman year. Now laugh if you will but I do bowling for my school, and after the two seasons worth of sports I got bored and decided to pay DCP a visit. 13yearoldnoob, another good friend of mine was leading at the time. He didn’t forget about me from the summer, and he immediately gave me mod as long as I came onto chat and logged in for events. I had nothing better to do so I thought sure, why not? It was late in February and I couldn’t have re-joined DCP  at a better time. It was then that we found ourselves in war with Hot Sauce Army. I thought it was probably one of the most fun wars I have ever experienced. We eventually went on to win that war, and I eventually found myself as a 3ic in the army. Now as this is getting rather lengthy and I still have to talk about my plans as leader of this army, I’m gonna fast forward through the summer. Long story short with that; It was amazing. From the battles, to the Legend’s Cup, to me getting 3rd best owner in Armies on CPAC summer awards, it was just a grand time. I did eventually end up receiving Leader at the end of August, but not too long after that Musta and I had gotten into a fight and that ended with me just being an owner in the army. After a while, Musta and I got into another fight and that ended up in me being banned from the chat altogether. I went away from Xat again for a while for bowling, and decided to login just to see how things were. Long story short, Musta and I patched things up, and i re-joined for owner. After a while, going through coups of leaders and retirements, I find myself here as a leader of DCP with two of its greatest leaders. Bam and Mustapha. I promise to them, and all of DCP and its amazing troops that I WILL NOT LET ANY OF YOU DOWN. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s go on to how I plan on contributing to the army as a leader.

As the new leader of this army, I’m going to repeat what I stated above. I will not let any of you down in this army. I’m here because I want to help DCP reach its former glory and bring it back up to 1st. I have a great feeling about our future as an army. It looks bright. And as Musta has said in his most recent post. WE ARE A FAMILY! That means we cannot let each other fall. During tough times, we need to stick together and pick each other up when we’re at a low-point. If we’re going to reach our past sizes of over 5+ troops on CP, we absolutely MUST RECRUIT! Recruiting is so important for an army and it’s sizes I can reiterate it enough. We have to recruit continuously. And we must also login to chat as often as we can. AND WE MOST DEFINITELY HAVE TO BE PREPARED TO LOGIN FOR ANY AND ALL BATTLES! This is extra important and I cannot say it enough. We must be ready at all times! Our time is now as an army everyone. But only you, the troops, control where we head at this point. We need everyone to be able to cooperate with us, and I promise you all DCP’s future will be bright indeed. Starting with out battle tomorrow, we CANNOT let up Doritos. As Musta would always tell us last year and during the summer, United we stand, divided we fall. Our time is now Doritos, but only you can decide how that time is spent. Is it going to be time well spent? Or a time of failure?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to pc me on chat. I will try and help you all as much as I can. That is all for now troops, have a nice day.



Lord West, Doritos of CP Leader.

6 Responses

  1. Awsome Sause West Congratz I’m rlly proud!

  2. Wow West, this post really made me think differently about you.
    I’m touched.
    I hope you live up to your word, don’t let anyone down.
    I wish you the best of luck and prosperity in DCP. I expect you to achieve greatness!

  3. Well, Congratulations on your leader; you deserved it. I hope you make a success in being Leader, I’ll be wishing you Good Luck every day, you will make us a stronger army, i know you will. Well again, Good Luck bae : )

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