Retirement of Xxtoysoldier

Hello, Troops!

Once again, here I am. I don’t know if I can top my previous retirement post, but, here it goes.

I write this post to officially tender my resignation effective March 14th, 2014. I am too busy in real life, and of course I need a small break from armies.

It is hard for me to leave this great army.. which I truly love as a leader, but sadly, my time has come. As I leave this army, let me express my deepest & greatest thank-you’s for the community and the wonderful army that I had led. But, as you know, everyone must leave sometime. This day marks the day that Xxtoysoldier, Doritos Leader, leaves armies.


I – Why I’m Retiring

II – Best wars I ever witnessed [IN DCP :)]

III Thank You’s

IV Thank You’s P2


I – Why I’m Retiring

Simple – I am retiring due to real life. I will be playing sports, but also – I am going to take a break from armies as a whole. This means I am partly retiring just because I want to focus on real life instead of armies for a bit. I have a planned return date, which is June 24th. The reason I choose that return date, is because that is the beginning of Summer for me. During the summer, unbelievable heights are achieved. I am hoping to achieve “unbelievable” sizes during the Summer, but who knows – anything can happen.


—  II – Best Wars I have ever Witnessed in DCP  

Well – this honestly didn’t take me awhile to create. But, here is my top 5 wars that I have ever been in, and they are truly historical wars and should never be forgotten.

1. HSA War

2. NW War

3. SWAT War

4. UMA War

5. Pirates War

I probably forgot a lot of wars, but eh, these wars were pretty controversial. The Pirate war was pretty much just gaining free servers, as with the UMA war. The others were real conflicts and actually gave DCP somewhat a ‘fight’. Anywho – this is 100% my opinion.


— III – Thank You’s 

1. Mustapha10: Wow, look at us. We are literally the most amazing duo that armies have ever seen. Look what we accomplished. We have done more than 99% of any duo in armies, and we should be proud of that. You are the best leader I have ever lead with, and that will never change. I don’t know where I would be without you, but all I know is that you taught me everything I know, and that is what makes you a legend.

2. WweBestFan: Thank you for creating this legendary army. If you never made DCP, I wouldn’t of achieved the greatness that I did. Thank you for making this experience possible, for that, I greatly appreciate it. Also – you’re one of the best leaders that DCP has ever seen, if not, the best.

3. Alfrondo: Thanks for leading with me in September. Not just that, but thanks for being my leader when I was a member in 2012. For that, I salute to you.

4. West004: Thanks for leading with me. You’re also one of the funniest guys I have ever met, thanks for all of the gooood times.

5. Bam117: Wow. Thank you for leading when I was an owner. You are truly a good leader, even if you get on my nerves sometimes. Anyways, thanks for everything you have done to DCP.

To my allies:

Thank you for supporting me and DCP, you have been greatly appreciated for all that you guys have done.

To my enemies:

Thank you, your hate makes me stronger, and every person that’s great has enemies.


— IV – Thank You’s P2 —






Andrew 24








Whats Up11


Chondarei + Waffle45







Thank you.

Till hell freezes over,

~Xxtoysoldier DCP Former Leader & Legend


7 Responses

  1. ima miss you

  2. Toy given the feels

  3. yay im on here
    too emotional
    bye though, good luck with that life doe.
    toy livin that thug life

  4. Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 21:07:15 +0000 To:

  5. You do realize what this means…. Continue to kik me please<3 Love you boytoy

  6. You forgot Rocky omfg cring

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