The Ultimate Humiliation [BERG IS OURS]

Hello, Troops! 

Today we logged on and humiliated AR. They posted this event a week ago, and we posted it yesterday. They made this a promotion event, and we didn’t. Yet we still crushed them, it wasn’t even a challenge. Even with LT in their uniform. This proves who the better army is. That “legendary duo” who claims that we “bit off more than we can chew” have been sadly mistaken. You have another thing coming your way.

invasion of berg5invasion of berg6invasion of berginvasion of berg1invasion of berg7invasion of berg13invasion of berg19

[AR retreats from the Snow Forts]

invasion of berg11

[AR then returns..]

invasion of berg14invasion of berg16invasion of berg17invasion of berg20

[Yeah AR+LT each maxed like 7..]

much strength

much strength

invasion of berg23


Good job, Doritos! We annihilated the AR today!

60 Doritos for everyone who attended this battle! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


11 Responses

  1. AMAZING battle today dcp!

  2. Came

  3. I attended, first battle XD

  4. ok, I came.

  5. I came. How many doritos do we get for this battle?

  6. I came 🙂

  7. 60 doritos? wut?

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