Important Battle Today & Tomorrow

Today’s battle against IW will be very important to attend because it will be our last time to train before the war. No matter what your rank is each one of you are equally important to this army. Each member on the ranks plays a major role in the success of DCP. The Great Dorito’s Will Rise.

Prepare for Battle!

Attention Doritos: 

Our battle against IW is quickly approaching, be prepared to log-on 10 minutes before the scheduled times. We’ll log-on and do our best and defeat the IW! Saturday’s fun battle against IW will be our last chance to train before the war. The war against RPF starts on Sunday and we will stand strong and win. 


Hello I am Elmikey former leader of the RPF. If you don’t know me I am a CP Army Legend and I won Person Of The Year award in 2013 for my success at leading RPF. I led my army to recording breaking sizes and have made the biggest positive impact to the community out of pretty much everyone.

I plan to use all the skills I’ve gained during my time in RPF to help make the Dorito’s the best army for you. I am proud to have joined this great army. I look forward to fighting alongside all of you and I am already happy I made the right choice of joining DCP. I look forward to our bright future in this army together.

DCP vs ACP [Full Battle Video]

They said we couldn’t do it, we proved them wrong.

We will continue to do just that. 

Today is only the beginning 

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Fun battle with ACP – RESULTS

Hello, Troops! 

Today we logged on expecting to have a 30 minute battle with ACP but they logged off in under 8 minutes. The ACP didn’t want to suffer any longer and decided it were best to log-out to save themselves. This proves who the #1 army truly is.

The Doritos battled and performed perfect tactics and had much better sizes than the ACP. This was a great practice battle and I am proud of every troop that attended. We all did amazing.

chat size diamond1fun acp battle4fun acp battle5fun acp battle9fun acp battle10

25 Doritos for everyone who attended this battle! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend 

Fun Battle with RPF – RESULTS

Hello, Troops! 

Today we had a short notice battle against RPF. We still managed to reach the full potential of fun and we also still managed to get a lot of troops on CP and chat. We achieved over 40 for the second time today and over 50 on chat!

chat size diamondfun rpf battle11fun rpf battle13fun rpf battle10fun rpf battle9fun rpf battle7fun rpf battle5fun rpf battle4fun rpf battle1

40 Doritos for everyone who attended this event! 

Good job, I am proud of you all today. We truly did good.

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

Unscheduled Training Session

Hello, Troops! 

Today we had a lot of troops on chat at a time where no battle was taking place so we decided to go on and have some training. We averaged around 40 and maxed 45, we also had some good tactics! Here’s the results!


Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

UK events.

Hello Doritos!  It’s time we get back to business and have some events for our UK!



server: Summit

Room: Town


7:00PM GMT

11:00AM PST

12:00PM MST(noon)

1:00PM CST

2:00PM EST



Comment if you can come


~мя ωaƒƒℓє ЧƼ

Demotions for Moderators

If you’re a moderator, I suggest you read this or you will be demoted. By that I mean all the way back to member.

Throughout all of today, the maximum amount of mods on at once was about 2-3. This is unacceptable considering we have a surplus of mods, you ALL should be online when you’re on your computer.

GREEN = Safe, No demotion
YELLOW = Risk of demotion
RED = Demoted


pengwenie422, Foodboy679, 4arms4life, SilentSniper, Sprite

Head General

sasuke77, Smokeywhite, Myra, Applebiter, Faith

Lieutenant General

Scythe, jasonwashere, Zair67, jayden, snowangel, Moospie, Domo6367, ethanlo2,Max43810

[HIRING NEW 6ic’s!]

Personally, I did not feel good making this post. Everyone who is green, this doesn’t mean you can continue slacking off (if you weren’t caught :|), this means you must start being active!

All mods who do not attend Wednesday’s, Friday’s, or Saturday’s battle will have their name marked yellow.


AUS Division Gets Crunchy on Summit

Hello, Doritos!

Today, our AUS division went on Summit. We maxed 23, and averaged 20! We managed to pull off good sizes, and we managed to get some good line formations and tactics. Lets continue with these sizes with our AUS, Doritos.

Comment if you came!

15 Doritos for anyone who came.

~Whats Up11 – DCP Leader