Where we stand

Hello, Troops! 

All of the Army Republic‘s invasions on DCP are invalid until February 30th. When it’s February 30th, the treaty will end. February 30th is scheduled to happen approximately between the years of 2096-2016. Which means that you must abide to the treaty and wait until the expiration date before declaring war. Any invasions before February 30th are invalid. It’s a simple concept but it’s hard for many people to understand.

Now, we have the Light Troops. Yes, one of the most racist, sexist, and overall idiotic armies around. They’re some puny army that has been getting defeated by SWAT (which are currently defending our servers for us) LT is the army that constantly ignored invasions and kept their servers on their nations page. We can easily do the same right back to them, either that or we can crush their small army and take their entire empire in the matter of days. These guys have been a nuisance to all armies for so long. They are hated by both ends of the war, AR & RPF are just using them temporarily.

So, we haven’t lost any servers to neither AR or LT. SWAT defended against LT and AR’s invasions are invalid until February 30th. 

And finally, we have our former brother allies the Rebel Penguin Federation. These guys stabbed us right in the back after we have been fighting for them for so long. They are working together with the very people that have tried killing them. They have become exactly what we were fighting against. They will receive the ultimate humiliation. They will never be forgiven, and we will kill the RPF. Full invasions on both LT and RPF will begin next week, we will march onto the battlefield with two of our closest allies and we will annihilate the opponents. If any AR is found anywhere on the servers that we invade or defend, it’s an automatic victory for us due to the treaty.

DCP will prevail. 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend



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  1. this made me laugh 😛

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