Mkll’s Retirement

Hello Troops,

As I post to you today, I have had many fond times in DCP; when I first joined in 2012 as a member one of the leaders Cul, whom I knew from the miners and past experience at the Lightning Strikers inspired me to continue to stay in armies. When DCP had crashed shortly after the retirement of creator Wwebestfan a new generation of leaders came in the following term; but I never joined them. I wouldn’t have rejoined DCP until 2013, this journey has been very eventful of course at the expense of my firings, I wouldn’t give up on DCP.

As I post to you today, I remember that summer when I had joined the Lightning Strikes after being PCed on a cpps chat. I remember the first event I had and being promoted to 2ic. I remember when I led the AFCP, and I still remember the day that I returned to DCP. Throughout my time at CP armies I would meet various rivals and friends these people whom I’d like to thank.

  • Mustapha10x – Although we’ve had our ups and downs you taught me a lot even at the expense of firings. It was you who truly pushed me to my limit and opened my eyes to a new style of leading.
  • Reeces2011 – Always had something to talk about; I would also like to thank you for helping me with AFCP.
  • Xxtoysoldier – Also supported me throughout my time here at DCP
  • Orreanna – Although you don’t come on very much anymore, you were one of the first moderators I had met at dcp, thank you for being a great friend.
  • Jester – Thank you for supporting me, I will always remember it. You are going to go places; never give up.
  • Blaze – Without a doubt you are one of the best leaders I’ve seen in the small and medium community; eventually you can get to the top.
  • Pungy – You were my influence at SMAC; whatever I did I would always consult you. Thank you for your support, I appreciate it.

Other people I’d like to thank:

  • Kreatos/Walf
  • Chondarei
  • Mr Waffle 45
  • Bigmail/Obama
  • Cul
  • Seer2345
  • Stephanie/Pikachu
  • Wwebestfan

As I leave you today, you are in prime position and ready for anything. Don’t let others stop you from achieving what you’ve sought after; farewell troops, it has been a great run.


*2010 – 2014*


19 Responses

  1. You were a great leader. Also a great friend. Get a kik so we can keep in contact please ❤ :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( You will be missed a lot. Love you mkllington.

  2. No, please don’t leave 😥

    You were the best leader and the only I trusted in DCP :c

    Even though I am not in DCP ^_^

  4. I’ll miss your computer/internet-fixing ass… You helped meh….RIP

  5. Goodbye Mkll, I never really knew you that well but from the time to time I talked to you I’ve always thought highly of you. You will be missed.

  6. It is sad to see you leave. You were one of the few people that I could talk about anything and you understand it. I wish you good luck in your life and hope that one day that you and me can lead together again.

  7. Good Bye Mkll

  8. 😦

  9. Reblogged this on minimusicoffical and commented:
    Ahhh such a shame x

  10. It sucks to see you go dude you were an awesome friend and a great leader




  12. You taught me so much by giving me the opportunity to lead AFCP alongside you, seer, and reeces. I would not where i am in cp warfare today had it not been for you.

    You’ll be missed bro.


  13. Well Mkll, We have a short but good history together. We led AFCP together to a spot in the top 10 which I considered fun and an accomplishment. It was nice knowing you man. K.I.T

  14. Good luck, Mkll 😉


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